Carpets take a beating in the household – dirt and debris are tracked in from the outside, foods and drinks are spilled, and sometimes the dog has an accident. Getting a good, deep cleaning takes time and a great deal of effort – which is why homeowners often put it off.

Because it takes so long to acquire and return a rental steam cleaner, not as much time is placed on the carpet cleaning itself, as time is always short. While these rental carpet cleaners are helpful, they cannot clean nearly as well as a professional truck mounted carpet cleaner. But, with a little help from a carpet cleaning company in Jacksonville FL, this very important task is easily accomplished.

Why A Professional?


A good, professional carpet cleaning crew removes the hassles for the homeowner. It is a major chore to add a deep cleaning of carpets to a to-do list. Some reasons for calling the professionals include:

  • As houses become more airtight for saving money on heating and cooling costs, air quality becomes a number one concern. Instead of venting to the outside, toxic gases and animal dander accumulates which raises havoc on the respiratory system. There is a Jacksonville FL carpet cleaning company that understands the rigors of maintaining a home and likes to help busy families.
  • Carpets wear better when cleaned, which means they will last longer. They tend to be fluffier, which is more comfortable for the toddlers who spend a lot of time on the floor. And for them, a cleaner place to play is certainly more healthy.
  • Carpets need an occasional deep cleaning – at least every six months. And if some spring cleaning routines are overlooked, the carpet cleaning should not be. Nothing beats a professional cleaning.
  • The home feels new when the carpets are clean and deodorized. The extra comfort is felt throughout the entire house.

Carpet Cleaning Company Jacksonville FL


First Coast Home Pros has been around for years and has carpet cleaning down to a science. We employ honest, hard working people who understand the value of a dollar. That is why we offer a free vacuuming service to all the carpets before a deep cleaning session. This removes time and effort that the homeowner must commit to when calling on a carpet cleaning company in Jacksonville FL.

For helpful hints on carpet maintenance, visit our blog, as there are many helpful tidbits. Contact us for friendly advice or to set up an appointment.