Furniture is one of the more expensive purchases a homeowner will make. Leather is the more costly choice and the wisest because it can last decades if well cared for. This saves money in the long run by paying an upfront cost when you reach out to our team for Ponte Vedra Beach cleaning and home improvement services.

Since your investment is so important, who you choose to do your leather cleaning should be just as important. First Coast Home Pros’ Ponte Vedra Beach leather cleaning services are handled by professional technicians specially trained to care for all leather types, including vehicles. You can feel confident knowing that we guarantee the correct solution and techniques for your specific leather furniture.

Leather Needs Specialized Cleaning

Many new leather owners do not realize that their furniture needs to be properly cleaned and cared for on a regular basis and may not require the same products rugs or carpets do. Leather is a nature-made product that has been tanned using special chemicals.

After tanning, the leather is finished using various techniques which give the leather the desired look and texture. Due to the in-depth process and care taken to create the leather, additional care is required once the furniture is in your home. Keeping the natural beauty of the leather is easy when frequent cleaning and conditioning is performed.

This process replaces the natural lubricants that can be lost through regular wear and tear. Leather furniture can be protected from excessive moisture and dryness when cleaning and conditioning are done properly. Newly purchased leather furniture should be immediately protected through treatment so that it is not prone to spotting or damage from water spills and other liquids. Our skilled technicians can assist you in determining which protection type is best for you to use.

You Can Overclean Your Leather Furniture

Some people may not clean their leather often enough, and others over-clean and over-treat their furniture. Keeping in mind that leather is a natural product that comes from animals, you need to consider how skin is naturally cared for.

Too Little Care

When leather is left too long between cleanings and conditionings, your leather can suffer greatly. Dry leather, like dry skin, can become dry and cracked. Cracking can lead to irreparable damage as the leather shrinks and becomes hard and brittle.

Too Much Care

Quite the opposite happens when leather is treated too often or over-treated. If leather is treated with too much oil or wax, the leather pores, much like our own skin, can become clogged. When leather pores clog, mildew and mold can begin to grow below the surface of the material, and the product will be destroyed.

Tips for Proper Care of Leather Furniture

In order to keep your investment looking beautiful for a long time, regular upkeep and a few simple steps are required. Having a professional cleaning done at the suggested times will keep your leather soft and supple, and our professionals will always notice abnormal wear and tear that may go unnoticed otherwise. To care for leather furniture, be sure to:

  • Never clean your leather with household chemicals, such as petroleum distillates, turpentine, or mineral spirits.
  • Never use animal fats in an attempt to darken the leather because this can cause the product to rot.
  • Never use waxes, silicone products, or other leather preparations that could hinder the leather’s ability to “breathe.”
  • In wintertime, you should remove any salt deposits from shoes and boots immediately by wiping the leather with clear water. 
  • Leather that has become wet or damp should naturally air-dry, and you should never use a heat source for quick drying.
  • If you must store your leather furniture, you should never wrap it in plastic or similar non-porous covers.

With the proper care and inspection of your leather furniture, you can enjoy your investment for decades. Small spot cleaning is suggested, but self-cleaning and conditioning of your furniture may not be best. Proper leather cleaning and conditioning should be left to the professionals.

You Should Hire a Professional to Clean Your Leather Furniture

Leather is a durable and long-lasting material, but it is also sensitive in how it must be cared for. Unless properly trained in the care and cleaning of leather, a simple mistake could ruin your furniture.

Each of our experienced leather cleaning technicians has a trained eye for which cleaner and conditioner your leather needs. A simple search for a leather cleaner will show a large variety of cleaners available to the general public. These cleaners could be geared toward furniture, boots, saddles, and more.

Using the wrong cleaner on your leather could damage upholstery leather by causing it to harden and no longer flex appropriately. Leather requires a cleaner that is able to penetrate deeply to remove grime and grit that can damage leather. The cleaner used must be pH-balanced and gentle enough for upholstery cleaning. A Ponte Vedra Beach professional cleaner can test your leather to ensure the best chemicals are used.

The Best Way to Clean Your Leather Furniture

With day-to-day use, leather furniture inevitably collects dust, dirt, and hair. Body oils and grease will be absorbed into the leather as well. The collection of dirt and oils causes the leather to lose its natural oils and gives the leather furniture a dull appearance.

The safest method for your leather chair may be unsafe for your leather couch. You may have a couch made of top-grain leather and a chair made of aniline leather. Each of these types of leather was made using different tanning and dyeing processes and, therefore, will require a different cleaning process.

DIY cleaning methods can be complex due to the wide variety of leather types requiring different cleaning processes. We recommend having your leather furniture professionally cleaned so that you can be sure the correct process is used. Our experts have the skillset and tools to properly clean, condition, and protect every piece of leather furniture you own.

Let Our Team Help

We are passionate about helping the residents of Ponte Vedra Beach properly care for their leather furniture. Contact First Coast Home Pros today for a free estimate by calling or using our online contact form. When your leather furniture is like new, you will be glad you did.