Homes are meant to increase in value, improving your initial investment and serving your family for decades to come. Among other issues, cleanliness and consistent upkeep can go a long way toward making sure that your house’s value doesn’t depreciate. Yet, with many folks holding down full-time jobs, participating in the gig economy, taking care of families, homeschooling through the COVID-19 pandemic, and other responsibilities, who has time for cleaning and home improvement anymore? First Coast Home Pros does!

Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and we never subcontract our services out to less qualified cleaners. We handle everything from home maid services to repairs to power washing, and we do it all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The next time your house needs a once-over, you know who to call. Dial (904) 383-7721 to get a FREE quote from First Coast Home Pros, or email us through the form on our contact page.

We Can Be Your Jacksonville Beach Handyman

In addition to our certification from the IICRC, we also have a Certified Residential Contractor license (number CRC1331797). While we will subcontract work that requires specialized licensing, our in-house technicians provide a range of handyman services to help you improve your Jacksonville Beach home. These are just some of the options available from First Coast Home Pros:

  • Furniture assembly
  • Kitchen backsplash installation
  • Baby proofing
  • Wood floor repair/installation
  • Weathering services
  • Drywall repair

We also do woodworking, such as finishing carpentry services or custom-made bookshelves, storage units, and more. If your Honey-Do list has turned into a Honey-Never-Finds-the-Time-to-Do list, call First Coast Home Pros and get professional, customer-friendly services to fix the parts of your home that need repairs.

Our Top-Tier Cleaning Services

Of course, First Coast Home Pros started out as a cleaning business, and that DNA is still in everything we do. Our technicians offer the best interior and exterior cleaning techniques that are also gentle on your home and your health. That means our cleaning solutions contain no phosphates or dangerous chemicals. Plus, our pressure washing services use a low-pressure method that gets rid of dirt, grime, mold, and unsightly contaminants without damaging the cleaning surface.

Interior Cleaning

While the outside of your home is its face, it’s got to look nice on the inside, too. That way, it truly is a refuge of serenity instead of a chaotic anxiety trigger with a nice facade. Some of our most popular cleaning services are interior-based, like deep steam extraction carpet cleaning services, tile and grout cleaning, maid services, and more.

We’ve also got the proper equipment to get to those difficult spots that you might overlook or be unable to access on your own, like:

  • Chandeliers
  • High-vaulted ceilings
  • Awkwardly placed windows
  • Air ducts

Do you have family heirlooms like Persian or Navajo rugs? We’ve got the equipment and know-how to clean them! Our process is even gentle enough for specialized, highly important items like prayer rugs.

Plus, getting professional cleaning services can help decrease the risk of damage to your home. Fail to clean your dryer vent or air ducts, for example, and you increase the risk of your home catching fire.

We don’t say that to add pressure. Rather, we are passionate about cleaning homes and keeping our clients safe. Many folks don’t realize the true importance of having regular, routine cleaning upkeep.

Exterior Cleaning

Okay, so we may have downplayed the importance of exterior cleaning above, but you always want to present a nice first impression to the rest of the neighborhood, right? That means going the extra mile to keep your home sparkling. Unfortunately, not many of us have the time to do that on a regular basis. That’s where First Coast Home Pros comes in.

Our technicians offer a host of exterior cleaning services, such as:

  • Window washing
  • Power washing
  • Low-pressure roof cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Glass polishing

We also re-screen screened enclosures, repair fences, and install gutter guards. Just like interior cleaning, though, outdoor upkeep can also keep your risk for disaster at bay. For example, putting off gutter cleaning may lead to fallen leaves and detritus that build up and cause blockages, leaks, and even structural damage to your gutters.

The Guarantees

We are dedicated to providing the best cleaning and home improvement services in Jacksonville Beach, and we want First Coast Home Pros to be your first choice. How do we attain that dream? Well, in addition to our focus on employee training and quality control, we also provide a week-long 100% satisfaction guarantee on our cleaning services. If you are unsatisfied with our work during that week for any reason other than the natural accumulation of dirt/debris, we’ll come back and make it right.

You’re protected in other ways when you turn to First Coast Home Pros, too. We’re fully bonded and insured for up to $2 million, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your home. Of course, we do everything possible to avoid any issues (such as using non-harmful cleaning solutions and low pressure), but even in the event of an unfortunate accident, we’ve got you covered.

Oh, and our employees are all covered under a comprehensive workers’ compensation package, so you don’t have to worry about any liability issues. That should take the fear out of the more risky cleaning jobs, like services that require us to get up on tall ladders.

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