Customers who live in and around Orange Park, Florida have nothing but good things to say about our team at First Coast Home Pros. When you see how hard we work and how careful we are with your property, it’s easy to see why. We know your first thoughts about a carpet-cleaning or power-washing service may not be entirely positive. We aim to squash those stigmas by giving our customers the kind of results you need to see to believe.

We make sure all the technicians on our team have training in line with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We also never put the same crew on two different jobs. In other words, you’ll never see the same crew rescreening your screened enclosure that cleaned your carpet. If that’s not what they’re good at, then we don’t send them out to do it.

We want to earn your trust so you can gain the best possible benefit from our service. We never sneak hidden fees into your estimate, and we don’t try to upsell you on anything you don’t want. We are efficient, but we never rush a job. We take the time to do the job right on the first try so you don’t need to see us again for months down the road.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. You can reach us by phone at (904) 383-7721 or by email at

Types of Cleaning and Home Improvement Services We Offer

Inside, outside, and upside down – we do it all! Carpets, rugs, roofs, decks – we have teams who can clean and repair every surface of your home.

Here is a brief outline of only some of the more off-beat services we offer.

Chandelier Cleaning

If the idea of cleaning your chandelier sounds terrifying, there’s no need to worry. First Coast Home Pros knows just how to clean and polish your chandelier to make it shine without putting it in danger.

We also clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, and coach lights, among other fixtures. You can trust us to keep your glass artwork and sculptures in perfect condition. We even guarantee our cleaning service for one week following our visit, except for normal dirt accumulation. If you notice a spot we missed, we’ll come back and fix it.

Blinds and Shutters Cleaning

We can make your blinds and shutters look new again. We do this by removing the dust, grease, smoke, and other allergens that cause them to lose their luster. We use a customized cleaning system that consists of safe techniques and solutions to clean your blinds without damaging them. Our solutions are also safe for both your health and the environment.

To clean most window coverings, we start by scheduling a time that is convenient for you to have us come over and remove them from your home. We then take them to our blind-cleaning facility to soak them in a water submersion cleaning system that restores their natural appearance. Once completed, we bring them back the same day and reinstall them, fresh as a daisy!

Leather Cleaning

At First Coast Home Pros, we know how important it is to maintain leather properly to keep it in good condition for decades of enjoyment. We can regularly clean and moisturize your leather furniture to help protect its texture and integrity, not to mention its appearance. Without proper maintenance, your leather furniture can become discolored and dry out, which causes it to prematurely age.

Our leather cleaning technicians are professionals who know which leather cleaning solutions to use so as not to damage your furniture. We know that different kinds of furniture require different techniques, and while you may wish to clean your leather furniture yourself to save a few dollars, almost all the leather products available in stores are bad for your furniture.

When you trust First Coast Home Pros with your leather furniture, you know your furniture is just as safe as the other areas of your home that we can clean. A good cleaning job can look like you spent thousands on home improvement when all it needed was a quick rejuvenation!

No Matter the Surface, First Coast Home Pros Does It All

Whether you have a delicate chandelier, a temperamental leather couch, or grease-coated kitchen shutters, give First Coast Home Pros a crack at it, and it’ll look brand new again in no time. You never have to worry about damage because our teams have extensive knowledge of the exact materials they’re working with and how to handle them.

To help you feel even more comfortable, we also offer a one-week 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work. That way, if you think we could have done a better job, you have one week to let us know, and we’ll do what we can to make it right.

Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate. You can reach us at (904) 383-7721, or you can send us an email at Your home is in good hands when you entrust it to our knowledgeable and specialized teams here at First Coast Home Pros.

So call us today, and let’s work together on bringing your home back to life!