Our economy depends on small businesses and entrepreneurship. Creative, hardworking individuals are the backbone of our society, and we need more people who are driven to build businesses, fill niches, and grow profitability. At First Coast Home Pros, we know the importance of entrepreneurship first-hand. After many other entrepreneurial endeavors growing up (and just a few years after college), Joshua Kennedy founded The First Coast Home Pros Family of Companies. The level of commitment and drive it takes to start a business is not for the faint of heart! It’s a struggle, but that’s why we created a leg up for young college students with big goals and a desire to innovate.

Welcome to the annual $2,500 First Coast Home Pros Young Entrepreneur Scholarship!

Why a Scholarship for Entrepreneurs?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reported by Investopedia, a fifth of all new businesses fall apart within two years. There are many reasons this is true, but a lot of it has to do with the undue stress we put on young entrepreneurs. It’s costly to get an education, create new ideas, and learn how to put those ideas into practice.

For us, giving back to the community is not just a good thing to do: it’s crucial for the development of our society and the marketplace in general. We want to provide a driven entrepreneur with the funds they need to get the education to enable their dreams. Below, check out the requirements for the scholarship and get started on your entry.

How to Apply

Please write a pitch of the business you started or are developing, including information such as your mission, vision, values, and business plan. Please tell us what you do, how you market yourself, and how your business is doing its successes and struggles. The most compelling pitch will win the scholarship, so give us your best “Shark Tank” proposal!

Send in your application by June 15, 2024, to be considered.

Who Can Apply?

This scholarship is open to current undergraduate and graduate students and incoming freshmen who have started or plan to start their own business. Also, applicants must:

  • Be enrolled in an institution of higher education.
  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Submit a transcript from either their current college/university/graduate school or their final year of high school.
  • Submit proof of enrollment or acceptance to an accredited college/university/graduate school.

Terms and Conditions

For a full list of terms and conditions regarding the First Coast Home Pros Young Entrepreneur Scholarship, please see our official terms and conditions page.

About First Coast Home Pros

First Coast Home Pros began when our founder, Joshua Kennedy, moved to Jacksonville with his family. A veteran project manager for one of the best window-cleaning companies in the country, he immediately started his own window-cleaning business in his new location.

What happened next was astonishing. Not only did the business thrive as customers showed appreciation for Josh’s dedication to cleaning innovation and customer satisfaction, but clients started asking for additional services. Recognizing the niche and the need, Josh gradually built up a business with a much wider cleaning repertoire: windows, yes, but also carpets, tile and grout, gutters, rugs, upholstery, exterior pressure washing, and much more.

We regret that, for legal reasons, we are unable to accept calls, emails, or other communication regarding the scholarship, or answer any questions, other than those submitted here. All the necessary details about this scholarship can be found above. We will make sure to contact you in case we need any further information.

Any applications received after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Previous Winners

Announcements about the previous winners of our scholarship can be found by clicking one of the links below:

  1. 2021 Winner: Simon Barn
  2. 2022 Winner: Nicholas Huffman
  3. 2023 Winner: Bronson Andrus

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