When you live in an area as beautiful as Fleming Island, Florida, you want your home to reflect that beauty. But life is busy, and you may not always have the time to clean or spruce up your home as you might like. Luckily, First Coast Home Pros can do it all for you, so you never have to worry about it again!

When we say, “we do it all,” we mean it. No surface goes untouched. We clean carpets, tile,grout, furniture, draperies, rugs, air ducts – you name it. If it gets dusty or dirty, we have a team who specializes in cleaning it. Since our technicians have the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) on their side, you know you’re getting what you paid for.

At First Coast Home Pros, we’ll never steer you wrong. We treat you and your home with equal respect, and we’ll never try to upsell you or trick you with hidden fees. Set up an appointment for your free estimate by giving us a call at (904) 383-7721 or sending us an email at service@firstcoasthomepros.com.

From Roofs to Gutters, and a Whole Lot More

At First Coast Home Pros, we pride ourselves on operating as a full-service house cleaning company with teams of specialists for nearly every home cleaning service you can imagine. The same goes for the exterior of your home.

Here is a quick summary of just a few of the many exterior cleaning services we can offer you.

Gutter Cleaning

One of the leading causes of damage to homeowners’ roofs is clogged gutters. This is because when the gutters clog up, the rainwater has nowhere to go, so it backs up onto the roof. This can lead to water damage that ultimately ruins your roof. However, cleaning your gutters can be just as dangerous, especially if you use a ladder to climb up onto, and then walk across, your roof.

Fortunately, you can leave this dirty, dangerous job to us professionals. We pull the debris from your gutters, then flush water down the downspouts to ensure we got everything out. We clean all debris from your yard, so you don’t have to worry about globs of gunk all over the place.

We finish the job by pushing high velocity air through your downspouts to ensure a good flow. If there are any stubborn blockages that refuse to come out, we’ll even take your downspouts apart to get at them.

Roof Cleaning

We use only low pressure – never high – to clean your roof. We never use the soaking method other roof cleaners will try, where they simply pour chemicals on your roof and let it sit to “clean” it.

We don’t use harsh chemicals, and we take measures to protect your property and landscaping from the products we do use. We use only the safest techniques and only those chemicals approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) to clean your roof and help preserve it.

Screened Enclosures

Whether it’s one screen you need replaced or the entire pool enclosure, our team at First Coast Home Pros can handle it. We do both repairs and re-screenings, and we can build – or rebuild – both regular and custom window screens. We repair and replace everything from screened-in porches to lanais and screen doors. We also charge by the panel – not the square foot.

Other Services We Offer

At First Coast Home Pros, we don’t just do exterior work – not by a long shot! Here’s a brief list of some of the interior services we offer.

We offer handyman services for those annoying little jobs that you don’t have the time for or can’t seem to successfully fix on your own. We also offer maid services for day-to-day cleanup to save you time and effort so you can spend more time enjoying life, rather than cleaning your house.

First Coast Home Pros Can Clean or Improve Every Aspect of Your Home

At First Coast Home Pros, we pride ourselves on being careful, efficient, and clean. We enjoy saving our customers money while beautifying their homes and helping to keep them safe. We have several teams lined up and ready who have the skills necessary to complete whatever job you need. We know what we’re doing, and we come prepared.

We’ll never pressure-wash your windows or roof, and we don’t use harsh chemicals. We only use steam cleaning methods when we clean your carpets, and we take such good care of your woven rugs that you’ll be able to pass them down for generations even after we’ve cleaned them several times.

If that wasn’t enough, we also offer a one-week 100% satisfaction guarantee, apart from normal dust and dirt accumulation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in taking advantage of our service.

To schedule your free estimate, send us an email at service@firstcoasthomepros.com or give our team at First Coast Home Pros a call at (904) 383-7721 today!