Imagine never dusting your home. At first, a fine layer settles. The dust builds, you can write your name in it. It cakes up even further until it becomes measurable. Most homeowners could never and would never let layers of dust and dirt build-up like that in their home.

But that’s the dust you can see. When it comes to areas in your home you don’t have easy visual access to, such as ductwork, homeowners often allow dust to build-up for years, even decades, without cleaning. That’s not good for your home or for your health.

If you have recently purchased your home, have completed a construction or renovation project, or have not had your ducts cleaned for 10 or more years, it’s time to call in the pros — First Coast Home Pros. Call (904) 383-7721 or text (904) 712-2674 and we can provide a free estimate and answer all your air duct cleaning questions.

Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts

There are multiple benefits to having your air ducts cleaned. It’s not a do-it-yourself project, so you’ll need to have the team from First Coast Home Pros take care of it for you. But you’ll find it’s very worth the investment.

We’ll Show You What Is Inside Your Air Ducts

During your air duct cleaning service, we use a special camera system that allows you to see what condition your air ducts are in before, during, and after cleaning. Air ducts get gross. Getting them clean is a big enough benefit for many homeowners.

Your Body Will Thank You

From dust and dirt to mites, dander, pollen, and even rodent droppings, what accumulates in your ductwork shouldn’t blow around your home to be breathed in. People suffering from asthma, allergies, cardiopulmonary issues, and other health problems can find relief when the ductwork and HVAC system in their home is clean.

Save Money on Energy Bills

You know you’re supposed to change your HVAC filter on a regular basis. But the dirt, dust, and debris that gets trapped in those filters also get caught in your air ducts. The more impediments your HVAC system faces to efficiently pumping cooled and heated air throughout your home, the harder the system has to work.

You’re paying for that effort in the form of higher energy bills. A clean system is an efficient system. And that saves you money.

Additionally, when your HVAC system has to work harder to heat and cool your home, it can burn out the system more quickly. Air duct cleaning should be part of your regular HVAC system maintenance routine. It can increase the lifespan of your system.

Uncover Ductwork Issues

When the First Coast Home Pro team is cleaning your ductwork, we also do a ductwork system inspection to check for damage, leaks, or sealing issues. We can repair minor issues on the spot, but if we uncover any larger issues, we can recommend trusted professionals to work with to properly seal your ducts, save you energy, and increase safety.

Properly sealed ducts can even save up to 20 percent on your energy bills, according to the EnergyStar program.

Eliminate Household Odors

From a lingering pet smell to a musty odor that just won’t go away, if your house has an unidentifiable smell that you can’t get rid of, air duct cleaning can help. Aromas can get caught in the dust, dirt, and particles that cling to your ductwork. You won’t be able to get rid of the smell until you get rid of those “smell magnets.”

Air duct cleaning is particularly important if you live with someone who smokes or if a previous owner of the house was a smoker. Not only will your home smell better, but air duct cleaning can also decrease the levels of dangerous toxins circulating throughout your home.

Pet Smells Don’t Have to Linger

Pets are a delight, but they also come with fur, dander, and smells. Don’t breathe in accumulated pet hair or allergens like dander. And don’t be “that house” that always smells like your pets.

Infestations Won’t Last Forever

Fire ants, whiteflies, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, mice, rats – these pests are all too common in Fleming Island. If you’ve ever had to call a pest control service, you should also call First Coast Home Pros to schedule your air duct cleaning.

Air ducts make great “highways” for rodents and insects. That also means their dander and droppings are in the same ductwork, with your cooled and heated air blowing around and over them, as they waft back into your home.

A rodent infestation and contact with droppings can be hazardous, according to the Florida Department of Health. If you’re going to rid your home of the infestation, do it right and have your ducts cleaned as well.

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