Jacksonville Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solar panel cleaning is an important maintenance task that helps your solar panels produce the most energy possible.  Simply with routine cleaning of your solar panel system, you can ensure your solar panels perform optimally.  Solar panel cleaning may not be as important in some less humid climates where rain can wash away dust.  But in our very humid greater Jacksonville area, the accumulation of dirt, grime, and, in particular, algae can necessitate more frequent cleaning to keep your system producing maximum power.

First Coast Home Pros’ solar panel cleaning service uses highly specialized cleaning equipment to gently wash away the dirt, algae, and grime that naturally accumulate on solar panels here in Northeast Florida.  Our solar panel washing process involves cleaning the panels with a telescoping brush system and with pure water that has been carbon and sediment filtered, treated to remove contaminants using reverse osmosis, and also deionized to remove dissolved mineral salts.

An important consideration when cleaning solar panels is to ensure that no chemicals are used that could damage your solar panels.  Less obvious but just as important is that no residue of any cleaning agents is left behind that could not only shade the panel just like the dirt that was just cleaned off, but also provide a substrate for dirt to more easily stick to or for algae to more quickly grow on.  Our residue-free, chemical free process of solar panel cleaning is ideal for safe and effective solar panel washing.

How often your solar panels should be cleaned depends on how quickly soiling occurs in your specific environment.  Typically, we find that cleaning them once every year or two is sufficient for optimal energy production at most homes, and, in some cases, it can even be done every three years or so without you experiencing a drastic reduction in performance.

We 100% guarantee our solar panel cleaning service for 1 month (excluding normal accumulation of dirt and debris).  This guarantee period is meant to give you adequate time to be sure the job has been properly completed and to your satisfaction.  If during this period you are not satisfied with the work that was done for any reason, please contact us so we can make it right.


For more information or to schedule a free estimate, please call 904.383.7721 or email service@firstcoasthomepros.com.

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