Jacksonville Drapery Cleaning Service

Our drapery cleaning service is an excellent solution for the proper cleaning and maintenance of all of your window treatments. For your convenience, we can offer our drapery cleaning services both in your home and at our drapery cleaning facility. Our services can include cleaning your:

  • Drapes
  • Curtains
  • Cornice boards
  • Window treatments

Our professional drapery cleaning technicians are trained in both dry cleaning and wet cleaning techniques, depending on the needs of your window treatments. Some types of materials require dry cleaning, and others benefit most from steam cleaning. Different drapery fibers and materials require different cleaning techniques, and it is important that the technician you choose for the drapery cleaning and maintenance at your home understands the needs of your drapes to avoid possible damage, shrinkage, or bleeding.

One of the most important maintenance items for any set of drapes, curtains, or window treatments is simple dry vacuuming. Window treatments are natural filters for everything that flows through the air at your home. Fortunately, most of this is dry particulate, such as dust, and a lot of it can be removed just by regular vacuuming.

However, professional cleaning every 12-24 months is recommended to keep your drapes looking their best. This type of deep but gentle cleaning uses the proper solutions and processes to remove the dust and soil that basic vacuuming cannot. We hope you’ll consider our professional drapery cleaning services for your treasured textiles.

We 100% guarantee our drapery cleaning service for 1 week (excluding normal accumulation of dirt and debris). This guarantee period is meant to give you adequate time to be sure the job has been done properly and to your satisfaction. If during this period you are not satisfied with the work that was done for any reason, please contact us so we can make it right.

For more information or to schedule a free estimate, please call 904.383.7721 or email service@firstcoasthomepros.com.


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