Leather can trap soil, allergens, and dirt that can wear down the material and dull the appearance. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule, and professional cleanings, will keep your leather furniture looking beautiful for years to come. Whether you are new to leather or curious about how the cleaning process works, the professional team at First Coast Home Pros wants to help you keep your leather in tip-top shape.

Our Fleming Island cleaning and home improvement services will thoroughly inspect your leather for staining, colorfastness, and physical defects. We use only the best cleaners made for your specific type of leather to ensure its proper care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Why does Leather Need Special Cleaning?

The uniqueness of leather allows it to work with many different decor options. Proper care and cleaning will keep it looking the same as the day you purchased it. Even when leather furniture is not used consistently but rather as a visual piece, proper care, and cleaning are crucial for the material to stay supple.

To keep leather material products in prime condition, they require regular maintenance and care. Furniture exposed to water, body oils, or other contaminants must be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the integrity of the original coating. Regular cleaning can help mitigate potential damage to your leather furniture.

Most people are unaware of the importance of the special care that leather requires. Using improper tools or chemicals can destroy your furniture. When regular maintenance of furniture is neglected for an extended period, your leather piece may need professional intervention.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning of leather furniture should be done on a weekly basis by taking advantage of our maid services. Using a soft, dry cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, you should wipe down all surfaces of your leather furniture. Getting in between the cushions and armrests with a long vacuum attachment will remove any trapped debris.

In addition to regular cleaning, you must promptly clean any spills. The liquid should be absorbed quickly with a soft cloth. You should never move the fabric around to absorb the liquid, as this will spread the spill around the material.

Regular maintenance includes careful placement of leather pieces in the room they reside in. Leather furniture can be sensitive to extended exposure to sun and heating and air conditioning units. Any visible rips, tears, or thinning of the leather should be cared for by a professional right away.

What Can Cause the Leather in Furniture to Deteriorate?

When deciding on furniture for your home, you will want to choose something durable that will last your family a long time. Leather furniture is an excellent option for a sturdy, long-lasting option. Despite leather being a heavy-duty and wear-resistant material, normal wear and tear, as well as certain household items and chemicals, can deteriorate your timeless leather pieces.

Perspiration and body oils are made up of fatty acids, enzymes, and salts that can introduce a pH level that weakens leather if allowed to build up. Newspaper ink, pen and marker ink, as well as denim ink, can quickly and easily absorb into leather since it is a porous material.

Too much heat in the home with a leather piece in close proximity to a heating vent can cause severe damage to the leather. Extreme temperature changes can also damage your furniture. If you move furniture from a relatively stable warm room to an area that is much colder or hotter, it can cause the leather to lose its ability to absorb moisture in the air, causing a brittle or hard state known as hysteresis.

Professional Leather Cleaning

With proper cleaning and maintenance at home, professionals may only need to do leather cleanings once or twice a year, more if the furniture is in a high-traffic environment. Our professional technicians want our customers to have the ultimate experience when working with our team. We have a process that ensures your leather is cleaned with utmost care and attention.


The first thing our team will do is begin with a thorough inspection of your leather furniture. We will assess the leather type of your various leather pieces. We will then check for color loss, soiling, scratches, splitting, cracking, and any other areas of concern.


An important aspect of leather cleaning is to ensure the correct leather cleaner is used. Our technicians will test cleaners in an inconspicuous spot of the furniture before beginning the cleaning process. We want to ensure a proven method is used for a safe and thorough cleaning.


After deciding on the proper leather cleaner, we will begin the process. Our technicians always use the highest quality, gentle cleaning agents available. Our brush tools gently remove dirt and soil from the delicate leather.


Once cleaning is completed, our agents move on to the conditioning process. Special leather conditioner is used on the furniture after it is properly prepared. Leather conditioner replenishes the natural oils while refreshing the appearance to look hydrated and smooth.


After cleaning and conditioning, our technicians will thoroughly inspect the furniture piece. We will discuss what was completed with you and ensure you are satisfied with the results.

What Types of Leather Furniture do We Clean?

Furniture can come in a variety of leather types. Our professional technicians are trained to care for various leather pieces, including sofas, loveseats, ottomans, armchairs, and more. Leather in the United States is often made from cow skin but can be made from kangaroo, goat, or zebra skin.

Common types of leather used in furniture making include:

  • Full-grain
  • Top-grain
  • Corrected-grain
  • Split-grain
  • Nubuck

More modern types of leather that are gaining popularity for upholstering furniture include:

  • Hair-on-hide leather
  • Sheepskin

Professional Leather Cleaning in Fleming Island

If you have invested in a timeless piece of leather furniture, you want to ensure you provide proper care so that it stays beautiful for years to come. Let our team of Fleming Island leather technicians clean and protect your furniture pieces. Contact First Coast Home Pros today using our online form for a free estimate.