If you’re looking for a professional area rug cleaning service in Fleming Island, First Coast Home Pros is your best choice. We offer first-class carpet cleaning that eliminates all dirt and gunk from your area rugs. Our cleaning equipment helps deep-clean your area rug, extracts all residue, and leaves your rug dirt and germ-free.  

You probably don’t know this, but your area rug can be a huge source of dirt and germs in the home. Although your area rug is meant to beautify your living space and make it more comfortable, the reality is that it is often filthy and can even impact your health negatively. 

This is because of all the foot traffic and activity it receives –kids and pets love to hang out there. Unfortunately, because many area rugs have a darker hue or color, most homeowners don’t even recognize that they’re dirty because they hide the dirt pretty well. Therefore, if you haven’t washed those rugs recently, let First Cast Home Pros help clean them out.

Why Hire First Coast Home Pros for Your Area Rug Cleaning?

Area rugs often have sentimental value – particularly when they are heirlooms, a gift from a special person, or carefully chosen from exotic locations. Some area rugs are passed down from generation to generation, which makes these antique rugs highly valuable.

We know and understand this because we have cleaned everything from regular area rugs to Persian area rugs and oriental rugs that were hand woven and hand stitched. So, we know our area rugs. 

We Handle Your Rugs With Care

Most importantly, we understand the delicateness and fragility of some of these rugs. This is why we typically apply the safest cleaning methods that’ll not only eliminate the filth from them but also retain their designs and maintain their quality.

Tailored Rug Care

This is an important thing to point out because some area rug cleaners in Fleming Island adopt the one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning rugs. Our cleaning process is customized to your area rugs’ needs. We consider everything from the material to the origins of the rug.

This helps us come up with the best cleaning method for your area rug. In fact, we have a team of rug technicians who specialize in cleaning oriental and Persian rugs in Fleming Island. The professionals typically apply hand washing cleaning techniques that not only clean out the rug but retain its quality and integrity. 

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

We have a process that involves only the use of the best environmentally friendly cleaning agents and equipment for your area rug. With our low-moisture cleaning methods, your rugs can be cleaned and ready for use within a few hours. 

This also allows us to extract every chemical residue from your carpet. This is a much better rug cleaning process than the traditional method which leaves your rugs wet for days, smelly, potentially moldy, and with chemical residues. 

Our cleaning techniques help ensure that your rugs are free of dirt, gunk, germs, pet dander, and other residues, so that you, your kids, and pets can all breathe easy.

Our Oriental, Persian, & Antique Area Rug Cleaning Process in Fleming Island

The process of cleaning regular machine-manufactured area rugs is different from that of cleaning Persian, oriental, or antique rugs. Regular area rugs can be machine-washed and dried because they require little or no special attention.

But Persian, oriental, and antique rugs have entirely different cleaning requirements. So, we are extremely careful when we need to clean these types of area rugs. To that end, we have developed a special cleaning process for these rugs:

  • Pre-inspect the rug – Here we’ll evaluate the state of the rug, paying attention to wear, discolorations, stains, fades, and other issues.
  • Determine cleaning approach – The state of the rug and type will inform our rug cleaning approach.
  • Dust the rug – Once we ascertain the technique, we’ll start the process by dusting and extracting dirt from the rug without our special equipment which is more effective than regular vacuuming or rug-beating.
  • Spot treatment – We’ll treat and remove stains, spills, and spots with effective chemicals so that when we finally clean, the rug will be stain-free.
  • Cleaning with steam or handwashing – We deploy special steam cleaning or handwashing techniques to extract and eliminate all the dirt from the rug.
  • Deep rinsing – After cleaning with gentle but effective cleaning agents, we’ll rinse the rug thoroughly to remove all chemical and dirt residue. 
  • Getting the rug to dry – We’ll then proceed to dry the carpet and get it ready for you to use in your home again.
  • Final steps – We’ll give the rug a thorough post-cleaning inspection to make sure that we got rid of all the dirt, removed stains, and spots, and extracted the residues. If we’re not satisfied, we’ll go over the cleaning process once more until we’re sure that your rug is flawless.

Fleming Island Area Rug Pet Stain and Odor Removal

If you have pets, chances are that apart from pet dander, there will be urine stains or other stains on the carpet. These are usually some of the most difficult stains to eliminate as they tend to bind to your rug’s fibers.

Also, pet odors can be trapped in the fibers of these rugs –they linger. Removing these stains and odors requires the expertise, skills, and cleaning agents that a Fleming island area rug pet stain and odor removal service can provide.

At First Coast Home Pros, our cleaning professionals will have a go at and completely remove these stains and odors from your area rug, leaving it stain-free and odor-free.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Fleming Island Area Rug Cleaning Service

Although it may seem like a simple process, cleaning your area rug by yourself will likely leave a ton of residue seeing as regular store-bought chemicals can’t deep-clean the rugs. You need the help of a professional area rug cleaning service in Fleming Island, FL. 

At First Coast Home Pros, our area rug professionals can help remove all stains and spots from your rug. We’ll also clean your area rug using proven industry-standard best practices. This, combined with our use of powerful cleaning equipment and cleaning agents, makes us one of the best area rug cleaning services in town. 

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