A clean and well-maintained chandelier can add an elegant and impressive atmosphere to your home. Conversely, a poorly maintained chandelier can make your living space look dull and gloomy. If your chandelier has accumulated a noticeable amount of dust and dirt, you should consider investing in professional cleaning.

Our chandelier cleaning service has served the residents of Florida for years. Our technicians will handle your fixture with care and get it looking like it was just installed. First Coast Home Pros provides the Atlantic Beach chandelier cleaning services you need to restore your fixture’s stunning appearance.

Our Cleaning Team in Atlantic Beach Can Service Any Type of Chandelier

Our IICRC-certified cleaning technicians are fully trained and insured to clean nearly any type of chandelier or light fixture. Reach out to our experienced team if you need a cleaning performed on one of the following types of fixtures:

  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Candelabra chandeliers
  • Glass box chandeliers
  • Glass artwork and sculptures
  • Light fixtures
  • Coach lights
  • Ceiling fans

If you need one of the abovementioned fixtures cleaned, the First Coast Home Pros team can get the job done. We’ll offer you a free cleaning consultation and an estimate on how much your cleaning will cost.

Our Chandelier Cleaning Process

Our chandelier cleaning technicians will handle your fixture with the utmost care and consideration. They’ll use cleaning methods that are guaranteed to get your fixture looking amazing without causing any damage to it or your home. 

Here’s what we’ll do to get your light fixture looking brand new:

Hand Cleaning

Our technicians will carefully remove dirt and dust from your fixture using the hand cleaning method. They’ll service your chandelier with extreme attention to detail, working hard to eliminate grime and debris from every part of the fixture.

The hand cleaning method is the best way to remove all unwanted debris from your chandelier, as it allows our technicians to access hard-to-reach parts of the fixture. As an added safety precaution, our techs always wear gloves when handling light fixtures.

Specialized Cleaning Products

Our specially formulated cleaning solution allows us to remove dirt, dust, and grime from your chandelier without causing any damage to it. We use gentle cleaning solutions that won’t diminish the brilliant shine of your fixture.

The cleaning products we use don’t contain harsh chemicals and won’t give off unpleasant smells. We care about the well-being of you and your family, which is why we only use cleaning solutions that are 100% safe for humans and pets.

Glass-Off Method

We believe the glass-off method is the most effective way to clean a chandelier. This method entails taking a picture of the fixture before disassembling it, removing all the crystals and bulbs, cleaning the fixture frame and bulb holders, cleaning and drying the crystals, and putting everything back together in the right place.

On-Site Cleaning

We perform all our chandelier cleanings in Atlantic Beach on-site. Since the chances of damage and breakage dramatically increase when you transport your fixture to a cleaning facility, we’ve decided to make things easier for our customers and offer on-site service.

Benefits of a Professional Chandelier Cleaning

There are a number of reasons why your chandelier should be professionally cleaned. Here are some of the benefits and advantages you’ll enjoy by investing in a chandelier cleaning from a professional service:

  • Enhanced cleaning: The result you get from a professional chandelier cleaning company is much better than using a DIY method. DIY light fixture cleaning is also much more likely to result in damage to your chandelier.
  • Low risk: Our cleaning team has $2 million in general liability insurance. That means you won’t be held responsible for damages if your chandelier is damaged during the cleaning process or if one of our technicians gets hurt. If you were to get hurt or damage your fixture while performing a DIY cleaning, you’d be on the hook for medical bills and light fixture replacement costs.
  • Increased durability: Regular cleaning can increase your chandelier’s durability and lifespan. A professional cleaning is essential if you want your fixture to last as long as possible.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our chandelier cleanings. For up to a week after your cleaning, you can let us know that you’re dissatisfied with our work, and we’ll return to fix the problem.

Cost of a Professional Chandelier Cleaning in Atlantic Beach

Many cleaning services charge hidden fees and aren’t upfront with customers about how much their services cost. Our Atlantic Beach chandelier cleaning team is incredibly transparent when it comes to pricing and estimates.

While we can’t say for certain how much your cleaning will cost until we’ve seen your fixture, we can promise that we won’t surprise you with hidden charges. Once we’ve inspected your chandelier, we’ll be able to give you an honest estimate.

Generally speaking, the dirtier your light fixture is, the more expensive it will be to clean it. If there are any obvious scratches or rust spots on your fixture, it might cost you a bit more to clean. We also may charge more for fixtures that are located in hard-to-reach spots.

Contact Our Team Today

Our highly trained team of cleaning technicians at First Coast Home Pros are ready to get your chandelier or light fixture looking like it was just installed. We’ll use delicate and non-toxic cleaning techniques to restore your fixture without damaging your home or harming your loved ones.

To get a free estimate on your cleaning, contact our chandelier cleaning company in Atlantic Beach today. Once we’ve finished cleaning your fixture, we’re sure you’ll join the scores of customers who are thrilled with our work. To see what our satisfied customers have to say about our services, visit the reviews page on our website.