You set up your home and your life in beautiful Atlantic Beach for a reason. The beautiful weather, the proximity to the ocean, the beaches, the food, the fun, the day trips, and so much more. You did not set down roots in Atlantic Beach in order to spend all your time on home maintenance and repair projects.

So First Coat Home Pros can help. We’re a locally-owned handyman services company, familiar with the homes in the Atlantic Beach area, and we’re ready to take those time-consuming, often annoying home projects off your plate. Just text (904) 712-2674 or call (904) 383-7721 to share your to-do list with us and get a free estimate.

Common Projects Our Handymen Assist With

Our work runs the gamut from awnings to knowledge of zones of your home, but common projects include:

  • Finish carpentry
  • Wood repair
  • Crown molding and wainscoting installation and repair
  • Shutter installation and repair
  • Gutter and fence repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Installing doors, doorknobs, and locks
  • Weather proofing and sealing
  • Wood floor installation and repairs
  • Kitchen and bath tile installation and repair
  • Caulking and grout repair
  • Aging in place upgrades such as grab bar and handrail installation
  • Custom shelving and bookcases
  • Custom home and garage storage solutions
  • TV mount and electronics mounting services
  • Garage organization

When You’re Not Sure if You Should Hire a Handyman Service

When some people learn that we provide comprehensive handyman services for jobs of any size, they often jump at the chance to offload the work to a skilled professional. However, others are more apprehensive. They wonder if they can and should do the tasks themselves. Or if they can trust a handyman service to do the job to their standards.

If you’re still not sure, we have some things for you to consider.

Look at Your List

If you have a mental to-do list, take a moment to write down all the home maintenance and repair projects. Prioritize them by items you need to tackle and tasks you’d like to accomplish. Then take a brief moment to write down how long you’ve been waiting to make those items happen.

Maybe you just realized you could use some custom garage storage. Or, more likely, you have known for quite a while you need to repair those damaged boards on your deck to help prevent tripping and falls, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

If the list is longer than you thought it would be and if you’ve been putting off most projects for a long time, you should consider working with a handyman.

Look at Your Budget

The items on your to-do list probably range in budget as well. However, when looking at those items, you also need to factor in the cost of your time.

For example, it only costs a few dollars for a tube of spackle to fill in some holes in the wall. But you need supplies, time for the spackle to dry, and paint that matches the wall. Suddenly, a job that was only supposed to take five minutes can become a multi-day project. And that is if you get around to finishing it.

A handyman has the tools, supplies, and know-how to take care of small projects and prevent them from becoming big, drawn-out messes. First Coast Home Pros can look over your to-do list and give you an accurate estimate as to how long a project will take from start to finish. And you invest none of your time.

Look at the Value of Your Home

The medium home value in Atlantic Beach is $360,000. You have a lot invested in your home and you don’t want to risk having it fall into disrepair.

What starts as a line of loose caulk around the bathtub can grow mildew and mold or even become a costly leak, if not fixed. The loose shutter on the front of your beautiful house is an annoyance, but as it is ignored and hangs even more precariously, it starts to become an eyesore. A house that is not well-maintained is not reaching its full potential value.

Working with a handyman service can help you keep on top of those tasks and ensure you always have the best-kept home in the neighborhood. That enhances your home’s value as well.

How to Start Working with a Handyman

If you’re still a little apprehensive about inviting someone into your home and having them be part of your team, put them to the test.

Choose one or two smaller projects on your list and see how it goes. If your First Coast Home Pro craftsman shows up within the brief service window, does a great job, and respects you and your home, you can feel comfortable hiring us again to complete the tasks on your home to-do list.

While the handyman team members working with us are all highly skilled, background-checked, licensed, fully insured, and bonded, we are not able to do work such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and roofing. However, as we are part of an established local network of service providers, we do recommend and work with highly qualified professionals to provide that work, if necessary.

Schedule Your Free Handyman Services Estimate

To connect with First Coast Home Pros, just call (904) 383-7721 or text (904) 712-2674. You can also fill out the form. We’ll get started working on those home maintenance and improvement projects so you don’t have to.