The right area rug can bring a room together, providing a pop of color or texture to your floors. Because this part of your room sees so much foot traffic, however, it may need regular cleaning and maintenance. Without it, your rug may become ragged and worn quickly. 

With the right Atlantic Beach Oriental rug cleaning services, you can protect your rug for years. You may even choose to pass your rug down to future generations. With quality Atlantic Beach cleaning and home improvement service professionals like First Coast Home Pros, you can rest assured that your rugs will remain in beautiful condition.

How to Clean Oriental Rugs

While simply regularly dry vacuuming your rug can help prevent much of the damage and buildup on an Oriental rug’s face, you may need a deeper clean. Our award-winning team offers many options, from traditional water submersion to current steam cleaning techniques. Our first step in cleaning your rug is determining what type of cleaning is best for the specific fibers of your rug. 

You may be due for a deeper clean for rugs with more buildup. In these cases, our team may use steam cleaning, a hot water extraction method that almost all carpet manufacturers commonly use. We use a double extraction method, meaning that our team will steam clean your carpet twice with an extraction want, which ensures that we remove as much water and cleaning agent as possible to get your carpets dry and ready for you within hours. 

Ultimately, our method will depend on your rug’s specific needs and how severely the rug is soiled. For example, you may already maintain your carpet and only need spot cleaning and typical care. In cases where you are trying to salvage a rug, however, you may need more intensive cleaning methods, which we can provide while also maintaining the integrity of your rug.

Prolonging the Life of Your Oriental Rug

One of the best ways to lengthen the life of your rug is to maintain regular cleaning services. Mold from excessive moisture, dirt and debris, or even mites and pet dander can build up in your rug, damaging the integrity of your rug and even making your family sick. Because of this, regular cleaning can improve the look and quality of your rug while also helping your family.

One of the best ways you can prolong the life of your Oriental rug is to rotate it frequently. If your rug is directly exposed to sunlight, you may need to do this as often as monthly to prevent fading patterns and dryness that can impact the quality of your rug. If this rug is in a high-traffic area, it is especially important to rotate it to prevent tracks where people frequently pass.

Remember that if your rug is not as clean as you want, we offer a 14-day guarantee. We want our clients to have time to use their rugs and ensure we have done the best work possible. We want all our Atlantic Beach customers to feel satisfied by the quality of our cleaning.

Why Go with First Coast Home Pros?

When seeking out an Oriental rug cleaning service, you want to ensure you have the best possible option for your home and textiles. The right rug cleaning service understands how important the quality and integrity of your rug are and can provide the exact cleaning services needed. So why choose First Coast Home Pros? 

Our team offers services specific to the exact needs of your rug. That means we inspect each rug before we begin working on it to ensure we are giving it the right care, whether that is a spot clean or a complete restoration. No matter the level of dirt or grime, we have the tools to tackle the specific issues your rug is having. 

Our team also provides skill, training, and high-grade equipment that many competitors simply cannot match. We invest in our team, ensuring that we can provide the best quality services to our clients every time we clean your Oriental rugs. We understand the value you place on your rugs and want to bring quality care to your home with the right tools and team members for the job. 

Costs of Cleaning Your Unique Oriental Rug

As you look for an Oriental rug cleaning service, you may find yourself frustrated by the difficulty of determining the cost of your care. While our services vary depending on the specifics of your cleaning, we will not surprise our clients with unfair tactics or a bait-and-switch about the costs of your cleaning services. Once we determine the level of cleaning your rug needs, we will provide a flat rate for all our services. 

Keep in mind as well that our services cover a range of care for your Oriental rug. That includes cleaning, restoration, deodorizing, and protection for your rug, along with our 14-day guarantee on our services, excluding normal dirt accumulation. We strive to provide the best value for even our everyday care. 

For more intensive cleaning, our prices may rise, but unexpected costs with our team will never blindside you. We also do not charge extra for transportation and fuel, vacuuming, or our neutralizing rinses. Our quality care comes included in the flat rate we charge for our services. 

Call First Coast Home Pros for an Oriental Rug Cleaning Today

Over time, your rugs can take a lot of damage and wear from natural use. Whether you have children, or pets, or simply spend a lot of time in your home, that wear may appear on your Oriental rug. Fortunately, you can help your rug stay in pristine condition with a little regular maintenance. 

If your rug shows signs of dirt, staining, and wear, contact the team at First Coast Home Pros. We are here to offer the Atlantic Beach Oriental rug cleaning services you need to keep your rugs beautiful. All you have to do to learn more about our services is call or fill out our online contact form.