A screened enclosure is ideal for enjoying the Sunshine State’s warm climate while keeping out irritating mosquitos and other pests that could ruin the experience. Plus, a screened-in porch, lanai, or pool enclosure can add considerable value and beauty to your Atlantic Beach, FL, home.

However, ripped or worn screens can turn these once-attractive home features into unusable eyesores. So, when your screened enclosure needs some TLC, turn to the Atlantic Beach screened enclosure rescreening experts at First Coast Home Pros for repairs or replacements.

How Long Does a Screened-In Porch Last?

Well-maintained enclosure screens can last around six to eight years before they need to be repaired and approximately 10 years before you should replace them. However, a screen’s lifespan can be curtailed by:

  • Poor installation
  • Low-quality frame and screen materials
  • Damage caused by pets scratching or biting at the screen
  • Inclement weather and blowing debris
  • Rusty screws
  • Cleaning with chlorine that is not thoroughly rinsed off

At First Coast Home Pros, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, durable installation. And unlike some other installers, we never subcontract to third-party vendors. So, you can rest assured that we will do the job right and that it’ll hold up for the long haul. 

We carry top-of-the-line screens and aluminum frames built to last from trusted manufacturers like Phifer, Super Screen, and New York Wire. Many of the products we install come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. This will protect you in the unlikely case of a material defect during that time.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Screens?

Exterior screens have two essential jobs: keeping insects out and allowing fresh air to flow through your enclosure. However, they may not fulfill their purpose if they are compromised because of tears, gaps, or stretching. In this case, they likely need to be repaired or replaced.

You may be able to save some money in the short term by having the damaged area fixed or replaced. However, there are situations when it may be more economical to replace all the screens at once. For example, consider a full rescreening if:

  • The screens in your enclosure are already more than ten years old
  • There are multiple areas of screen damage
  • The enclosure structure or frame is compromised

Our screened enclosure rescreening experts in Atlantic Beach can evaluate your screens to determine the best course of action for your screens.

How Much Does It Cost to Rescreen a Porch?

The cost to rescreen a porch or any other enclosure will depend on its size, degree of customization, and the materials used. Additionally, various installers will calculate labor charges differently, and some may bury hidden fees or tack on charges that you only find out about after the work is complete.

That’s not how it works with a transparent quote from First Coast Home Pros. We disclose all fees and calculate your labor costs by the panel type (ceiling, door, or side) and quantities needed rather than the square foot. In most cases, this allows us to give you better and more accurate pricing for the specifics of your job than our competitors. 

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our enclosure rescreening work for one year after installation. We’ll immediately correct any issues you have outside of forceful damage or everyday wear, no questions asked and at no additional charge.

Atlantic Beach Rescreening Estimates

Because of the complex nature and variability from one rescreening job to the next, the first step is to request an in-home estimate. When you contact us, our Atlantic Beach screened enclosure rescreening specialists will come to your home to create a custom quote just for you. They will:

  • Take measurements
  • Assess the situation to determine your repair or replacement options
  • Show you samples of screen types and frame options so that you can make an informed decision
  • Provide recommendations on how to best reclaim your screened-in space

After this appointment, you will receive a free, no-obligation, written estimate detailing everything included in your price quote.

Choose First Coast Home Pros for Your Rescreening Project

Whether you need one screen repaired or want to rescreen your entire enclosure, First Coast Home Pros are the best in the business. We are fully licensed and insured, carrying general liability insurance and worker’s comp for all our employees. This is crucial for protecting your interests as a homeowner.

You don’t cut corners, and neither do we. Discover the difference a quality installer can make to improve the beauty and functionality of your screened enclosure. Contact us right away to schedule an appointment with one of our Atlantic Beach screened enclosure rescreening specialists.