Adding solar panels to your home is one of the greenest home upgrades you can do, but they need maintenance and cleaning to keep their efficiency. First Coast Home Pros can perform a solar panel cleaning on your Atlantic Beach, FL, home and make your panels sparkle like new.

Dust, grime, bird droppings, and even algae can grow on solar panels! Keep them clean with our professional service and gentle cleaning solutions. We’ll get the job done quickly, correctly, and safely, so no damage happens to your panels, and you don’t have to risk falling off your roof.

Dangers of Cleaning Solar Panels Yourself

There is a high risk of falling from your roof when you clean your own solar panels. The combination of a steep roof, running water, and soap is an accident waiting to happen if you don’t have the right tools. We have the tools to do the job right and do it safely.

Buying the equipment to do it yourself is costly and difficult to use without training. Plus, as hard as the water is in Florida, cleaning with filtered water is a must. You could leave mineral deposits on your panels, which will rob efficiency and could even make them look dingier than you started.

Many household cleaners also leave residues that might be okay on a window but not on a solar panel. Any streak left behind is an obstacle to full efficiency. Plus, the residues on some cleaners can trap dirt and grime, which means more cleaning cycles.

Our Cleaning System

Instead of using water from the faucet, First Coast Home Pros uses pure water with carbon and sediment filtration. We also deionize it to pull out mineral deposits and treat it with reverse osmosis. This means our water doesn’t damage your panels or leave anything behind.

We also use special cleaning agents for glass and solar panels to prevent leaving any residue that can trap more dust. Combine all that with our specialized scrub brushes and squeegees, and your panels will look as shiny as the day you bought them.

First Coast Home Pros has washed solar panels across northeast Florida, including Atlantic Beach. If you have questions or want referrals from our other Atlantic Beach solar panel cleaning projects, call us and ask!

When Should I Clean My Panels?

If you haven’t cleaned your panels since you installed them, the answer is now! Once you’ve cleaned them once, you should get them cleaned twice a year. A dirty panel can lose up to a quarter of its efficiency, so keeping them clean is necessary.

Another way to know it’s time to clean is to look at your electric bill. See if the amount of power your panels are pulling in is dropping more than it should. If you have net metering, you might see your bill slowly go up. That’s a sign to check your panels for dirt.

If your panels lie flat, you will need to clean them more often. Even a little incline will help rain wash some dust off the surface of your panel. However, rain alone will not clean your panels. In fact, high humidity can create algae growth on your panels – which can be addressed by an Atlantic Beach solar panel cleaning professional.

Why Not Use a Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers are great for concrete and brick but terrible for glass! Never clean your glass with a pressure washer. Every year some poor homeowners find out that the force of a pressure washer can break their windows. Solar panels are no different.

Even the low-pressure setting might harm your glass. After spending thousands of dollars installing your system, why would you want to risk breaking a panel? Instead, call our solar panel cleaning technicians to visit your Atlantic Beach home.

You’ll get the assurance that we do the job right, and our insurance policy will protect you if something ever goes wrong. Your insurer might not permit you to make a claim on your home insurance if you break your panels by washing them on your own, which can cost you a lot of money.

How Do I Take Leaves Off My Panels?

Special roof brushes with long handles are great for knocking off leaves on top of your panels, but why not call us instead? While we take off leaves, you can get a gutter inspection and clean at the same time.

Never use a metal-tined rake on a solar panel. The metal tines can scratch the glass or even break the panel. Even plastic-tined rakes could leave a scratch if they’re used too hard. If you want to clean leaves off your panels, invest in a proper roof brush. They’re great for pulling debris off your roof.

About First Coast Home Pros

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Get Your Solar Panels Shining Bright

If you live in Atlantic Beach and have a solar power system, get it shiny again by giving First Coast Home Pros a call. Our licensed specialists will schedule a time to meet with you, show up on time, do the job right, and leave you with a bright smile on your face.

Contact us by phone or by email to get a free estimate for your solar panel cleaning. All of our technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded. You can trust us with any of your home cleaning or repair needs. Call today for your free estimate.