Staring at stained tiles and dirty grout is frustrating, but scrubbing your floors with a toothbrush is even worse. Rather than strain your body by hand-scrubbing your tiles, partner with the reliable tile and grout cleaning service in Atlantic Beach.

Our team is made up of dedicated home improvement professionals who are ready to get to work on your floors. We use specialized tools and careful processes to remove buildup, mud, and other particles from between your tiles. We are the team Duval County trusts to take care of their homes.

Goodbye Dirt, Hello Beautiful Floors

We utilize powerful deep-cleaning tactics to remove dirt and grime lurking between your tiles. Once extracted, we suck up the particles using a high-pressure vacuum cleaner. The final product is a floor that looks as good as the day you first installed it.

As a full-service cleaning company, we have the equipment and expertise to revitalize your floors, countertops, and showers. Our professional cleaning services include:

  • Tile and grout deep-cleaning
  • Grout sealing, recoloring, and restoration
  • Natural stone tile cleaning and sealing
  • Stone countertop cleaning and sealing
  • Shower tile cleaning and caulking

We are Duval County’s local leaders in tile and grout cleaning. If you have an area that needs professional care, trust our team to handle it. Our specialists never rush through the cleaning process, and we take measures to ensure our handiwork meets your expectations the first time around.

Free Estimates for Atlantic Beach Residents

Not every home is the same, and not every tile cleaning process requires the same tools or labor. Therefore, we provide free consultations to Duval County homeowners. Our tile and grout cleaning techs in Atlantic Beach determine the scope of your services and provide fair pricing for everything we provide.

In addition to a transparent pricing structure, our team also provides a one-week 100% guarantee for our home improvement services. If you are not completely satisfied with our cleaning process, contact us. We will correct your concerns and implement the first-rate customer service that we are known to provide.

What to Look for in an Atlantic Beach Grout Restoration Company

As of 2020, tile and grout cleaning professionals made up 20% of the professional cleaning services market size. But just because someone says they can clean your floors doesn’t automatically make them the best fit for the job.

When hiring a grout and tile restoration company in Atlantic Beach, you need to make sure the technicians:

  • Have industry knowledge and experience: Grout is porous and requires a correct balance of high pressure and hot water when cleaning the material.
  • Are licensed and insured: Never let any technicians into your residence unless they are 100% licensed, bonded, and insured to do the work they are providing.
  • Can supply referrals: To ensure your team can do the work they promise, they should have no problem sending you referrals for previous projects.

With years of home restoration experience under our belts, our team is the local organization you can trust to handle your tile and grout. All of our techs are trained to perform their duties, and we make customer service a priority. As a result, our customers feel confident letting us into their homes.

Our Process for Tile and Grout Cleaning

If your tile is fading from its original color, our crew can help. We combine hot water, grout cleaners, and high pressure to effectively remove dirt, tough stains, and other grime from your tile surfaces. But we also pay attention to the little things.

Step #1: Eliminate Dirt, Sludge, and Grime

First things first, we extract dirt from deep within your tile and grout. We use powerful (yet safe) grout chemical cleaners to penetrate tiles. The chemicals churn up grime that may have been hiding within your floors for years.

Once the particles are loose, we flush them out using steaming-hot water (nearly 200° F) and high pressure. The debris gets sucked to the surface and disappears into a powerful vacuum device.

Step #2: Brighten Your Floors

Once the mud and grime are gone, we focus on restoring your grout lines and tile color. We use grout whitening products to remove lingering stains and make your floors look brand new. Our products are 100% safe, so you don’t have to worry about our process damaging your materials.

Step #3: Seal Grout for Long-Lasting Protection

Finally, we apply a protective grout sealer across your surfaces. The product soaks into the porous material, allowing the grout to withstand dirt and stains without fading. This step is crucial for creating a more durable floor, shower, or countertop.

Grout and Tile Cleaning in Atlantic Beach: Call Us Now

If you want to rejuvenate the tile surfaces in your Duval County home, you can depend on First Coast Home Pros. We are your go-to grout and tile cleaners in Atlantic Beach, and we are ready to enhance your home’s interior. Contact us now to learn more about our cleaning services or schedule a free consultation.