Your hardwood flooring is one of your home’s best features, so why not keep it well-maintained and looking great? Our wood floor cleaning service in Atlantic Beach, FL, can help you do just that. When it comes to cleaning floors, our technicians are thorough and extremely detail-oriented.

Our cleaning process is incredibly effective at removing unwanted dirt buildup and is guaranteed to make your floors shine. Reach out to First Coast Home Pros today to get the wood floor cleaning you need to impress your friends and visitors.

Benefits of a Professional Wood Floor Cleaning

Investing in professional wood floor cleaning has a number of advantages aside from making your floors look brand new. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy after just one wood floor cleaning from our team in Atlantic Beach:

Durability and Extended Lifespan

Having your hardwood floors professionally cleaned is a great way to enhance their durability. A thorough cleaning can also extend the lifespan of your floors and help you avoid paying for expensive refinishes and replacements.

Health Benefits

Believe it or not, maintaining your wood floors also comes with a number of health benefits. A professional cleaning will effectively sanitize your floors and remove unwanted bacteria. It will also eliminate pet dander, pollen, and other allergens. This can be a life-changing benefit for people with asthma or sensitivity to irritants.

Prevents Future Damage

In addition to our standard cleaning process, we’ll also apply a protective finishing coat to your wood flooring. This layer of coating will prevent scratches, nicks, and other minor damage from daily use.


Taking a proactive approach to wood floor maintenance is much easier than letting your floors get dirty and having to pay for a refinish down the road. Wood floor refinishing can be expensive and also makes your floors unusable for a while. Investing in professional cleaning will eliminate the need for refinishing, saving you a considerable chunk of time and money.

Our Wood Floor Cleaning Process

Our wood floor cleaning service in Atlantic Beach uses a two-step process that strips dirt, bacteria, grease, dust, and other residues from your flooring. We start with an aggressive high-alkaline wood floor cleaner that removes unwanted buildup from your floor.

Next, we apply an alcohol-based cleaner to your flooring. The cleaner we use is in the middle of the pH scale, which works to neutralize your wood floor. This cleaning process can be performed before applying a coat of finish, but it works just as well as a standalone procedure.

A Finish Coat Will Make Your Wood Floors Shine

If you want to give your floors an extra sparkle, we can apply a finish coat once we’ve completed the initial cleaning. Depending on how shiny you want your floors to appear, we can either apply a satin or gloss sheen of our urethane finish.

The water-based urethane finish we use will stay on the top layer of your floor and act as a protective shield against moisture. It also dries fast, so you won’t have to wait all day to walk through your home. Once we’ve applied your finish coat, you’ll be amazed at how new and shiny your wood floors look.

Our Wood Floor Cleaning Service in Atlantic Beach Only Uses Safe Products

At First Coast Home Pros, we care about you and your family’s safety. That’s why we exercise caution whenever we use a chemical product and always clean up when we’re done with a job. That way, your children, pets, and guests will be safe from toxic substances.

Our urethane finish is a low volatile organic compound (VOC) product. Which means it’s much less harmful than varnishes and other toxic coatings. It also emits fewer fumes and is much more environmentally friendly than other options.

How to Know if You Need to Sand Your Wood Floor Before a Cleaning

You probably won’t need to sand your floors before a visit from our Atlantic Beach wood floor cleaning service, but doing so can improve their appearance even more once we’ve cleaned and coated them. If your floors were previously treated with pastes or acrylic polishes, you should definitely consider sanding before our cleaning team arrives.

You should also sand your wood floors before a cleaning if:

  • Exposed wood is peaking through the floors coat of finish
  • There are variations in your wood floor’s stain color
  • The wood is discolored from pet stains or other mishaps
  • Your flooring cracks, gaps, or deep scratches

If you’re unsure whether or not you need to sand your wood floors before cleaning, we can look at them and help you decide. We offer free in-home wood floor consultations, so it won’t be a problem for one of our team members to look for signs that your floor needs to be sanded.

Maintaining Your Wood Floor After a Cleaning From Our Team in Atlantic Beach

There are a number of different wood floor care tips and tricks you can use to keep your flooring looking great for months after a professional cleaning. Here’s what you can do to keep your floors in excellent shape:

  • Sweep: Sweeping your floors once a day, especially in high-traffic areas and eating areas, will prevent dirt, crumbs, and dust from getting embedded into the grains of your floor.
  • Mop: Mopping your floors once a week will go a long way to keep them looking fresh and clean. We strongly advise that you use a soft cloth mop to avoid scratches. It’s also important to use cleaners that are specifically formulated for wood floors. Other cleaners will infiltrate your wood flooring and cause significant damage.
  • Invest in floor mats: Placing floor mats at the entrances and exits of your home will help prevent family members and guests from tracking in dirt and debris that could harm your floors. Foam and rubber-backed mats will discolor your wood floor over time, so we suggest opting for a mat with a vinyl underlay.

Contact Our Wood Floor Cleaning Service in Atlantic Beach Today

Our wood floor cleaning technicians in Atlantic Beach are highly trained and know how to take care of your flooring. They’ll use proven cleaning methods to get your floors looking like they did when they were first installed. Our team is also exceptionally courteous and helpful, so feel free to ask about the cleaning process or what you can do to maintain your floors.

To schedule your free in-home wood floor cleaning consultation, contact the team at First Coast Home Pros today. We’ll schedule a cleaning consultation time that works with your busy schedule. Once we’ve taken a look at your floors and determined what they need to stay in great shape, we’ll be back soon to do what we do best!