If you’re looking for a meticulous and professional area rug cleaning service in Fernandina Beach, First Coast Home Pros is your best choice. As skilled IICRC-certified rug and carpet cleaners, we understand the importance of using the best cleaning agent, equipment, and procedures for cleaning your area rug.

We know that all rugs aren’t the same, so we’re very careful with all clients’ rugs. We use environmentally friendly, non-harsh cleaning products and processes to get the grime, dirt, dander, and germs off your rugs. We’ll deep clean your rugs so that your home can be a healthier space to spend time in.

If you’re looking to thoroughly clean and disinfect your rugs, we can help you do that. Our experience with all sorts of area rugs means that we know what products to use and how to handle all rug types so they continue to be in great shape and serve you for years.

Our Rug Cleaning Services in Fernandina Beach

At First Cost Home Pros, we provide a wide range of area rug cleaning services. We will clean, protect, deodorize, and restore your rug using our proven cleaning techniques. We clean all types of area rugs including the following:

  • Machine-manufactured area rugs
  • Oriental rugs
  • Silk rugs
  • Persian rugs
  • Wool rugs
  • Navajo rugs
  • Prayer rugs
  • Antique rugs

As long as your area rug falls into one or more of the aforementioned types of rug, we can help clean them professionally using the best and gentlest methods possible. We understand how delicate many area rugs are. Therefore, we’ll implement only the best area rug cleaning practices for your rugs.

We Customize a Plan for Your Rugs

We have various cleaning processes for different types of rugs. This is important because people often assume that there’s just one approach to washing all rugs. That’s not the case.

Oriental rugs, for instance, have a special clean process that keeps them in good condition. If you wash them carelessly, they may lose their beauty and luster. So, our area rug cleaning service covers a wide range of rug types.

If you have a regular rug or a special rug, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll get them clean and make the rug look new again.

Our Cleaning Equipment

Because all our area rug cleaning professionals are trained in the latest cleaning technologies and equipment, we tend to use only up-to-date and effective cleaning tools. Our truck-mounted area rug cleaning equipment has the best steam cleaning capabilities in the Sunshine state.

And because we’re firm believers in delivering only the best area rug cleaning service in Fernandina beach and throughout Florida, we go all out to use only the top cleaning machinery. This gives us unique advantages and ensures that the client’s rugs are super-clean when we’re done.

Because of this equipment, we can do the following:

  • Produce hotter steam-cleaning water
  • Suction and vacuum liquid more efficiently
  • Clean the rugs more thoroughly
  • Extract all residual detergent
  • Extract deep dirt that’s usually at the base of your rug’s fibers

This ensures that when we’re done cleaning your area rug, it will be thoroughly clean and free of dirt and other impurities.

How About Odor and Stain Removal?

If you have urine stains on the rug or the rug emits odors, there’s a special treatment that we can provide to make sure that your rug is odor-free and stain-free. However, there’s a unique process to every stain as not all stains are the same.

For instance, wine stains are different from urine or water stains. Therefore, the stain removal process for wine stains will be different from one for urine stains. The good news is no matter how tough the stains are, First Coast Home Pros are more than capable of dealing with the stains and odors.

Will Odor Removal Cost Extra?

We’re uniquely equipped to eliminate all tough stains from your area rugs. And the best part is you don’t have to pay extra for most mild stain removal and odor elimination services. These are provided along with our cleaning process.

However, there may be a few situations where we may need to charge extra though. This is usually when the stains are really severe and will take a lot of time and work. We’ll make all these known to you after assessing the state of your area rug.

Benefits of a Clean Area Rug

If you’re looking to clean your area rug, chances are you’re just thinking of getting rid of the dirt and making it clean. But do you know that there are many more benefits of frequently cleaning your rug? They include:

  • A clean rug means a great place for your and your loved ones to hang out.
  • Also, kids are less prone to allergies because there’s no pet dander or allergens like pollen and dust, and they can safely spend more time in the space.
  • Extends the rug’s lifespan
  • Makes your home look more appealing and clean
  • Improves the indoor air quality and health of the residents
  • Children are less likely to get sick from the microorganisms that often make the rug their home
  • The steam cleaning or hot water extraction process eliminates pests like dust mites, bed bugs, and others from the home – dirty area rugs provide good hiding spots for ticks, bedbugs, and other small pests.
  • Prevents the growth of mold by eliminating and removing the spores
  • Steam cleaning your rugs can drastically reduce the population of germs in the home

Why Hire Our Fernandina Beach, FL, Area Rug Cleaning Service?

It’s not enough to periodically clean your carpet by yourself. Sure, that helps to some degree, but unless you have the commercial cleaning equipment that we have, there’s a limit to how much dirt you can remove and germs you can actually eliminate. And if the carpet is stained, that’s even harder.

Our Fernandina Beach, FL, area rug cleaning service is currently one of the best in Nassau county. We provide only excellent professional cleaning services guaranteed to leave your rug looking spotless and transform it into a thing of beauty.

When you hire First Coast Home Pros, you’re not just merely cleaning dirty carpets, you’re also eliminating years of gunk, filth, grime, sweat, and disease vectors. By the time we’re done cleaning and restoring your area rug, you’ll be able to tell that a professional has indeed “transformed” it.

Come and experience the First Coast Home Pros difference today. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate.