Chandeliers are a beautiful accent to any home, and they complement your home best when they’re clean. If your chandelier is dusty, you’re not experiencing its full potential. 

At First Coast Home Pros, we want you to have a beautiful home where your chandelier is sparkling. That’s why we specialize in chandelier cleaning in Fernandina Beach, FL. We offer a free estimate for chandelier cleanings so that you know how much you’ll be paying.

What Is the Glass-Off Method, and Why Is It the Best Way to Clean a Chandelier?

Our chandelier cleaning technicians use what’s called the “glass-off” method for cleaning chandeliers. The “glass-off” method includes the following steps: 

  • Taking a picture before the disassembly of the chandelier
  • Shutting off all power to the chandelier
  • Turning on a light nearby to be able to see the chandelier
  • Removing the bulbs and crystals 
  • Cleaning the crystal holders and the chandelier frame
  • Cleaning the crystals with the proper cleaning solution
  • Drying the crystals using a dry and soft cloth
  • Putting the crystals back on the chandelier

We use this method because it is the best way to clean a chandelier. When you use this method, you can deeply clean the crystals without having to worry about any damage since you’re holding each of them individually. 

Our team of chandelier cleaning technicians in Fernandina Beach is excited to clean your chandelier with this method and make it look brand new again. If you have any questions about the “glass-off” method, we’ll happily answer them.

How Much Does a Professional Chandelier Cleaning Cost?

When you want a clean chandelier, you have to consider how much you are willing to pay. Many companies will overcharge you with hidden fees that result in an okay job. But that’s not our style. 

We don’t hide any fees, and we believe that getting your chandelier professionally cleaned shouldn’t clean out your pockets. We strive to make professional chandelier cleanings affordable so that everyone who wants a spotless chandelier can have one. 

The cost of our chandelier cleaning service depends on how much cleaning it will take to get your chandelier back in brand new condition. The presence of rust spots or prolonged scratches will bring the price up because of the extra work we have to put in.

We offer a free estimate where one of our Fernandina Beach chandelier cleaning technicians will inspect your chandelier and tell you how much it may be to clean it.

Why Should You Use a Professional Chandelier Cleaning Company?

Cleaning your chandelier on your own can be difficult and even dangerous. Our team can help you clean your chandelier so that you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes or sustaining any injuries. A few benefits of hiring a professional chandelier cleaning service are: 

High-Quality Results

Our team of technicians in Fernandina Beach has the knowledge and experience necessary to make your chandelier look brand new. We’ve worked with a variety of chandelier styles and shapes, so we know how to handle any chandelier you have in your home. 

We’ll disassemble your chandelier with ease, clean it, and put it back together just the way it was. If there’s any cobwebs or dangling bugs, we’ll be sure to get them. Our tools and cleaning supplies are top quality, so they’ll leave your chandelier’s frame and crystals sparkling like new. 

We understand how important and valuable your chandelier is, so we’re extra careful when we clean it. We wear soft cleaning gloves and have a steady hand to ensure that your chandelier and its crystals are free from any damage. 

Increased Lifespan

When you hire a professional chandelier cleaning service, you can be confident that your chandelier will last much longer after our team cleans it. This is because our experts are gentle with your chandelier and try to restore your chandelier the best they can. 

This is especially important if your chandelier is an antique that has been in your family for decades. We are passionate about preserving old chandeliers as best as we can. Our method and cleaning supplies guarantee that your chandelier will last for years.


If you try to clean your chandelier on your own, you could risk a variety of injuries. But when you hire us, we take on the risk and possible injuries. Our company has $2 million in workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. So, if anything happens during our cleaning process of your chandelier, everyone (including you!) is covered. 

If there is any damage done to your chandelier, we’ll be able to compensate you for the damage. So, no matter what happens, you won’t be losing any money as a result of any accidents.

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