Fernandina Beach can be such a relaxing place — the history, our lively Main Street, and the parks and green spaces surrounded by sparkling water. Spending time outdoors in the gorgeous weather is one of the primary benefits of living in such a glorious city.

Being stuck indoors working on home maintenance and repairs is not the way most people want to spend their precious time. And those repairs that were so simple just a few years ago may not be as easy to accomplish when your eyesight and balance aren’t what they used to be.

One simple call to First Coast Home Pros at (904) 383-7721 and we can take care of your repairs, maintenance, and home projects so you can get back to enjoying life in Fernandina Beach. You can also text us at (904) 712-2674.

Handyman Services We Provide

No job is too big or too small for the handyman team at First Coast Home Pros, but some of the most common items we are called in to take care of include:

  • Installation services
  • Finish carpentry
  • Rotten wood repair, indoors and outdoors
  • Shutter installation and repair
  • Kitchen and bathroom tile installation and repair
  • Grout repair, caulking, and waterproofing
  • Fixing leaks
  • Gutter and fence repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Crown molding and wainscoting installation and repair
  • Installing doors, doorknobs, and locks
  • Sealing and weather stripping
  • Wood floor installation and repair
  • Furniture assembly
  • Custom shelving, custom storage, and bookshelves
  • Garage organization and storage
  • TV and electronics wall mounting services
  • Safety, mobility, and aging in place modifications such as grab bar and handrail installation

Our craftsmen are all background-checked, fully insured, licensed, and bonded. We pride ourselves on being reliable, professional, and respectful of your home and you. We are locally-owned and operated, we are not a franchise.

We help improve homes and lives in the Fernandina Beach area all the time and are honored to be of service to you at your home as well.

Work with a Handyman Service, Save Stress

Stress is unpleasant and it can be harmful to our health. Fernandina Beach has such a tranquil setting, it’s difficult to imagine being stressed out when you’re looking at that vast expanse of ocean and the winding waterways.

But when you look at your home and see drywall, shutters, a fence, tiles, and floors that need repair, your stress level rises. Then you look again and see the leaky faucet you’ve been meaning to fix, the missing bathtub caulk you never got around to replacing, and a garage that is so packed with items you can no longer park your car there.

Whatever the reason your to-do list is getting longer, the more items you need to add to it and the more time they go unfinished, the more stress it causes. Minor repairs can turn into major home emergencies. And your house can start to look to the neighbors like it is in a state of disrepair.

When You Do Not Have the Time for DIY

You may enjoy working on your home and take pride in the improvements you have made on your own. However, your time is limited and precious. So, when your work, family, and community time fill your calendar, the home improvement list keeps getting pushed aside.

But the problems still exist and, if they aren’t taken care of in good time, they’ll only get bigger and cost more to fix.

When you hire a handyman service, you can count on the projects getting done quickly, within the promised timeframe, and with no mess left to clean up afterward.

When DIY Is Not Your Thing

Some people love to work with tools and enjoy puttering around the house. Just as many others do not enjoy it and have not been successful DIYers.

From the moment your First Coast Home Pros team member shows up, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your home tasks will be taken care of while you do something else that makes you happy.

Stay Safe by Letting a Handyman Service Help

For people age 65 and up, the risk for household falls increases, according to the National Institute on Aging (NIA). Staying active can mean staying healthy, but working with dangerous tools or climbing ladders could mean a trip to the hospital or worse.

Many seniors feel calling a handyman service is “admitting defeat,” but having a trusted member of your team to help take care of home maintenance and repair tasks up to your standard can be a relief. At First Coast Home Pros, our goal is to empower you to stay safely in your home longer.

We’re happy to talk through your to-do list and can even make upgrades to your home, like grab bars, handrails, and non-slip surfaces to minimize your risk.

Schedule Your Free Handyman Services Estimate

Call First Coast Home Pros at (904) 383-7721 or fill out the form. We will discuss your home maintenance and repair task list and let you know how we can help. When we can tackle multiple projects during one visit, you save money. We also have coupons and special deals on our website.