Cleaning a natural stone surface requires patience and attention to detail. If you are not careful when you clean this type of surface, you risk damaging it. Fortunately, you can use a Fernandina Beach cleaning and home improvement service to avoid this issue. 

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Types of Natural Stone

According to natural stone market research, demand for mountain-acquired minerals is expected to increase between 2020 and 2023. Homeowners often use stone for floors, countertops, and other surfaces. Common types of natural stone used in homes include:


Made up of calcium carbonate, marble is susceptible to staining and scratching. However, it has a timeless appearance. As such, marble is one of the most sought-after stone options for homeowners. 


Many homeowners choose granite because the stone is incredibly versatile. Along with this, granite is easy to clean and offers tremendous durability and strength. It also tends to be more affordable than many other types of natural stone.


Like marble, limestone consists of calcium carbonate. The stone is resistant to heat, making it an excellent kitchen countertop material. Limestone is versatile and may be used indoors and outdoors, too. 


Travertine is a sedimentary rock that may form in lakes, springs, and rivers. With travertine, you may not require any special products to clean it. Also, the stone’s color may remain intact for a long time. 


Slate is capable of withstanding extremely hot temperatures better than many other stones. It is typically used in floors. Slate is heavy, and the stone’s cost may be higher than comparable options.

The team at First Coast Home Pros may help you clean these stone types and many others. We have received many positive reviews from customers, and our team will do everything we can to fulfill your stone cleaning request. To learn more, get in touch with us. 

Natural Stone Cleaning Benefits

You may believe you are fully capable of cleaning your home’s natural stone surfaces without any help. Regardless, the benefits of hiring a professional to handle stone cleaning on your behalf may be significant. These benefits include:

Immediate Results

Professionals have the tools and equipment to quickly and efficiently clean stone surfaces in your home. They also have the cleaning solutions required for these surfaces. Thus, they will have no trouble improving the appearance of your surfaces right away.

Extended Lifespan

You may spend a lot of money on stone for your home. To get the most value out of your investment, it may be beneficial to hire a professional to clean it. This professional may return to your house at regular intervals to clean your stone surfaces and ensure they are free of dirt and debris for many years to come. 

Cost and Time Savings

To clean stone by yourself, you may have to purchase specialized cleaning products, tools, and equipment. In addition, you may have to take time out of your schedule to learn how to clean your house’s stone surfaces and complete this work. On the other hand, you may hire a cleaning services provider to handle your request, which may help you save money and time versus doing the work on your own. 

You may consult with a natural stone cleaning services company to get insights into how the business will handle your request. The company may be able to provide you with a free estimate. You may use this estimate to make an informed decision about whether to move forward with the company. 

Natural Stone Cleaning Mistakes

You may purchase natural stone for various home surfaces and view it as an excellent investment. Yet, if you try to clean these surfaces on your own, you may make mistakes that prove to be costly. Common mistakes homeowners make when they clean stone surfaces include:

Using Hazardous Chemicals

Bleach and chlorine dioxide are two of the most common chemicals used for cleaning and decontamination. If you use these or other chemicals on natural stone, the consequences may be severe. These chemicals may cause stone etching, discoloration, and staining. 

Using the Wrong Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools you use on some home surfaces will not necessarily deliver the same level of results when you utilize them on natural stone ones. For example, a scrub brush or steel wool may help you remove dirt and debris from your kitchen surfaces. If you use either of these on stone, you may scratch it or cause other long-lasting damage. 

Failure to Follow Care Instructions

You may get instructions to help you take care of your natural stone surfaces and keep them looking great. Choosing to ignore these instructions may be problematic. If you decide not to follow them, you risk damaging your stone. 

Improper Sealing

If you do not seal your granite countertop or any other stone surface correctly, you may encounter many problems. For instance, you may inadvertently use an incorrect sealant or not utilize enough of it. This may lead to water damage or stains. 

Lack of Regular Maintenance

Just because you have beautiful stone surfaces in your home does not mean these will continue to dazzle long into the future. Without regular maintenance, dirt, and grime may build up on these surfaces. If left unaddressed, these problems may cause your stone to deteriorate. 

Natural stone cleaning services in Fernandina Beach are readily available. They allow you to identify and address stone-cleaning issues before they escalate. Plus, they ensure you can receive help from professionals who will clean your stone surfaces with precision and care. 

Partner with a Natural Stone Cleaning Services Provider in Fernandina Beach

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