Many places in your home are sometimes overlooked when regular maintenance and cleaning occurs. Unfortunately, your home’s drapes tend to fall under this category. Regular drape cleaning is beneficial to you, your family, and your home in various ways. 

Luckily, if you are needing drape cleaning in Fleming Island, First Coast Home Pros are the skilled team to call. We know that different drapes require different products and techniques, and we are knowledgeable about it all. Learn more about our cleaning and home improvement services.

The Types of Drapes We Can Clean in Your Home

When it comes time to choose drapes for your home, there is more to it than one size fits all. Nowadays, there are various types of drapes out there that can be added to your home. It’s important to know which types of drapes you have in your home so that you will be knowledgeable when it comes to replacing them or cleaning them. 

In general, there are most common types of window treatments that can be added to your home:

  • Double panel drapes: These types of drapes are the most common type found in the home, because they fit larger windows, offering ample light throughout the day and darkness when needed. Double panel drapes are two separate drapes, leaving a space symmetrical and boosting the interior’s appearance. 
  • Single panel drapes: If you have a smaller space or smaller windows to work with, a single panel drape is a great choice. Similar to the option above, these drapes are a great option for sliding glass doors, or single windows, giving you the ability to pull back when needed, and close when needed. 
  • Tab-top drapes: Drapes like these can be hung from rods over a window or space you wish to have covered, allowing easy movement. These drapes are very casual and found in many homes because of their absence of pleats and boosted aesthetic. 
  • Grommet drapes: Grommet drapes are similar to those listed above because they also are hung from a rod on the top of windows; however, they are pleated. These drapes are heavy and have loads of character to them, giving your home an increased feel. 

When Is It Time to Clean Your Drapes?

It’s been said that your home’s drapes should be cleaned frequently but are often overlooked. If you clean your drapes every three to six months, allergens, dirt, and dust can be eliminated, creating a cleaner overall appearance and living environment. 

If you are wondering when you should hire professionals for drapery cleaning in Fleming Island, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Are you experiencing heightened allergies? If you find yourself sniffing or sneezing more, it may be due to dirty curtains. Mold spores and dirt can accumulate over time, causing health issues for those in the vicinity. When you start experiencing these things, it’s time to clean your curtains. 
  • Do you live near the ocean? Sometimes, salt water and salty air can damage your curtains when living near the sea. Additionally, even your windows can be affected. If you live near the sea, more frequent curtain cleaning is recommended. 
  • Are your curtains exposed to smoking? If you or your family members smoke, your curtains will trap most of the smoke expelled. When this happens, the fabric of your curtains can begin to smell and even experience slight discoloration.  
  • Have your curtains become discolored? When curtain discoloration happens, it can be due to many factors. However, no matter the reason, cleaning the curtains can eliminate the lasting discoloration that they experience. 

How Can First Coast Home Pros Help?

As stated before, drape cleaning isn’t uniform. We know that there are different types of materials that your home’s drapes can come in and different types of curtains your home can home. Due to this, we can offer cleaning services for these types of drapes:

  • Normal drapes
  • Curtains
  • Cornice boards
  • Any window treatment 

Your drapes and curtains on your home’s windows will vary not only in material and style but also in the techniques needed to clean them fully. Our technicians use gentle cleaning techniques and proper cleaning solutions to ensure that your drapes are kept in great condition fully but ultra clean. 

Reach Out to Us for Your Drapery Cleaning in Fleming Island Today!

When you choose our team for drapery cleaning in Fleming Island, we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The team of skilled professionals that work on your drapes will give you peace of mind and a cleaner interior environment so that you and your family can’t rest easy knowing that your drapes are in top form. 

First Coast Home Pros are always the recommended choice when it comes to home services. If you are ready to have your drapes cleaned, contact us today. When you give us a call, we can offer you a free estimate and schedule an appointment on the spot. Don’t waste any more time with dirty drapes; we are eager to assist you.