You may live in Fleming Island and commute to Jacksonville for work. You may have lived in the area for decades and spend your days enjoying the parks and activities. Whatever your reason for living in our fair city, living the dream is to spend as much time as possible with family, friends, and neighbors, taking part in community activities.

While the homes on Fleming Island are lovely, they do require regular maintenance and upkeep. Whether you spend most of your time working and keeping up with your family or you’re unable to quite get around like you used to, using a handyman service can keep you safe, get items checked off your to-do list, and give you back your precious time.

Locally owned First Coast Home Pros is here to help. Just call (904) 383-7721 or text (904) 712-2674 and we can take care of your home improvement and maintenance needs.

Why You Should Hire a Handyman Service

There are many reasons people hire a handyman and they typically vary based on individual circumstances. However, some of the most frequent reasons we hear from our customers are as follows.

You Don’t Have the Time

Time is a finite resource. For some of us, our careers take up a great deal of time. When we’re away from work, we want to spend as much time as possible with our families. Whatever your situation, most people don’t desire to spend their precious time repairing shutters, caulking a bathtub, or on other home maintenance projects.

There’s nothing worse than starting a project at home and realizing you need a special tool, more materials, or uncovering an even bigger problem. Suddenly that one hour, one day, or one weekend project turns into a much longer undertaking.

A handyman service comes ready to work with the right equipment, knows what a project needs to get the job done, and they can even handle bigger repairs, should they be necessary. Your handyman makes sure all your home improvement projects are completed to the highest standard and gets the task done efficiently and effectively.

You’re Not Handy

Reading about a home improvement project in a magazine, seeing it on TV, or watching an online tutorial does not make you an expert. Quite the opposite, in fact. At First Coast Home Pros, we get a lot of calls from amateur DIYers whose projects went pretty far off the rails.

Admitting you’re not handy is not admitting defeat! Most people wouldn’t attempt to build a bridge unless they had civil engineering experience. There is no need to repair and maintain items in your home that require specialized knowledge and experience.

Hiring a handyman service is the smartest, most efficient way to ensure your home repairs and maintenance tasks are done right the first time.

You Hire Other Skilled Professionals

Many of your Fleming Island neighbors have house cleaners, dog walkers, nannies, and lawn care services. You may even utilize those services as well. Hiring out work you don’t have time for, can’t focus on at the moment, or aren’t able to do is common. Hiring a handyman service is no different.

When your days are spent at work, childcare professionals look after your children. If you’ve had an illness or injury, you may not be able to walk your pup for a while, so you hire a dog walker.

Skilled services professionals excel at taking tasks off your plate and making life easier. Absolutely take advantage of the fact that an experienced craftsman can repair and maintain your home to the highest standard.

You Don’t Feel Safe Doing It Yourself

If you’ve lived in your Fleming Island home for a long time, your goal is likely to stay put for a while longer. When you first purchased your home, maintenance and repair was not a big deal. However, as we get older, the tasks we used to do often become a bit more challenging or dangerous.

Falls on slippery surfaces or from roofs and ladders can be hazardous, even deadly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And it can take a lot longer to accomplish a task when you’re nursing sore joints or can’t see as well as you used to.

Handyman services are great resources to help us stay safely and comfortably in our homes for as long as possible. Whether you need assistance with “aging in place” upgrades such as grab bars and handrails or just routine home maintenance, no job is too big or too small for First Coast Home Pros.

As a bonus, “smart home” and energy efficiency upgrades and installations can not only make your home safer, but can save money as well.

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