If you own solar panels, one maintenance task you need to do is keep them clean. In Northeast Florida, that’s easier said than done. The humid weather means rain doesn’t come as often as in other areas to wash them off. It also creates a breeding ground for algae.

If you want to keep your panels looking shiny and producing as much power as possible, call First Coast Home Pros for a solar panel cleaning. We serve Fleming Island and other areas of Northeast Florida. Here’s why you should turn to a professional to do this task.

Hard Water Harms Panels

Nearly anywhere you live in Florida will have hard water, but our service area has harder water than most. If you clean your panels with hard water, you can build up mineral deposits that will reduce the efficiency of your panels.

Our solar panel cleaning service uses pure water that has been carbon and sediment filtered, deionized to remove minerals, and treated by reverse osmosis. When we clean your panels, you can feel safe knowing that our water won’t harm your panels.

Plus, we use cleaning agents that rinse off easily. Some cleaning chemicals can damage the panel’s glass or leave residues behind. These residues block the sun and make the surface of your panels more susceptible to dust and grime.

We Have The Equipment

You should never walk on your panels. In fact, it’s far safer to clean your panels if you can do it standing on the ground, but not everyone has pump brushes and squeegees long enough to reach. Skip buying expensive equipment and let our team handle your Fleming Island, FL, solar panel cleaning instead.

We’ve washed thousands of solar panels across Florida. Whether your roof is flat or pitched so steep it’s unsafe to walk on, we can get those panels scrubbed and rinsed, so you don’t have to risk your safety.

How Often Should I Clean My Panels?

First Coast Home Pros recommends cleaning your panels twice a year to keep them at peak efficiency. If you neglect this task for years, you could lose up to a quarter of the efficiency of your panels!

Another way to know is to look at your electric bill. That will show you if you’re using less power from your panels and more from the grid. If your bill is slowly going up, it’s time to check to see if they’re dirty.

Finally, you can go outside and look at your panels. Is there a lot of bird poop? Do you see algae growing on the panels? How about pollen after the pollen season? A quick wash from us will keep them looking their best.

One more note: If you have a flat roof, you’ll need to clean your panels more often. Slanted panels will shed dust and grime more easily when it rains, but all panels will eventually need cleaning.

I Have a Pressure Washer. Will That Work?

That depends. How high are your panels? Do you know the maximum PSI before your water pressure cracks the glass? Do you know the right proportion of cleaner to water, and is your water clean?

You’ve probably invested thousands of dollars into your solar setup, so we understand you may not want to pay a pro to clean them. However, one wrong move can break your panels. Imagine spraying yours with a pressure washer and hearing the glass shatter!

What About Leaves?

First Coast Home Pro can also clear those leaves off your panels and check your gutters for problems while we’re up there. If you own a roof brush and the handle is long enough, brushing your panels free of leaves is something you can do on your own.

But why not get all your fall maintenance done at once with one call to First Coast Home Pros? We can help get your house ready for the cooler months and keep leaves and debris from blocking your panels, gutters, drains, and more.

Combine Services for a Greater Value

While we’re cleaning your solar panels, our service techs can also combine some of our other services. Our low-pressure roof cleaning will clean the rest of your roof while we clean your panels. Most people mount them on the roof anyway for maximum solar gain.

It’s also a great time to get your windows cleaned, your sidewalks pressure washed, and any other home exterior maintenance tasks you have! You can get a free estimate or schedule a service appointment by filling out the form on your right or calling us at the number at the top of the page.

Service Specialists Ready to Help

Our technician teams specialize in each of our tasks, so you’ll always have an experienced professional to clean your solar panel when you work with First Coast Home Pros in Fleming Island, FL. 

Check out our reviews and then get your free estimate for cleaning!