Living in Fruit Cove means pleasant weather all year long. But it also means you can expect rain and pesky insects around your property, too. That’s where screened enclosures come in handy. But in order to enjoy your indoor-outdoor enclosure, you need fully functioning screens.

Worn-down mesh with holes in your screened enclosure won’t keep water or mosquitoes away. If you need to address fixes, a professional team can help. Thanks to our screened enclosure rescreening services in Fruit Cove, you can keep your rooms in tip-top condition.

Fast Screen Repair Services for Fruit Cove Properties

Whether you have minor damage or need an entire structure rescreened, we are the team you can feel confident handling the project. With our fast, reliable, and affordable rescreening services to homeowners throughout St. Johns County, we provide high-quality screens for:

  • Windows
  • Doors (single or double) and kick plates
  • Pet doors and pet guards
  • Pool enclosures
  • Lanais and porches

If you’re tired of removing leaves from your pool or want to keep pesky intruders away from your porch, our rescreening experts can help. Keep in mind that while at your residence, our specialists can provide additional exterior services (like window cleaning and pressure washing) to spruce up your home and make it the best-looking one on the block.

DIY vs. Expert Rescreening Services

Can I just rescreen my enclosures myself? Sure, you can try. But more often than not, DIY efforts lead to headaches. Plus, many homeowners add DIY projects to their to-do list but have trouble finding the time and materials to complete them.

Therefore, it’s best to leave the task to the professionals. Our Fruit Cove screened enclosure rescreening team will assess your property and recommend screening materials best suited for the area.

We take careful measurements to ensure total accuracy, and we double-check to make sure the new screens are fastened tightly before leaving. Our superior craftsmanship guarantees your screens stay in place during Florida storms and prevents the need for future repairs.

What to Look for in a Rescreening Professional

When choosing a professional rescreening service, make sure you select a reputable company with industry experience. We often hear about screen repair providers who never show up for appointments or perform subpar work. That’s not our style, which is why all of our services are backed by a 100% guarantee.

Customers also make sure their providers are fully bonded and insured. Rescreening services require climbing on top of screen cages, which can be dangerous. If you hire a contractor who doesn’t have complete Florida workers’ comp coverage, you could be held liable for thousands of dollars in damages.

As Fruit Cove’s complete rescreening specialists, we never subcontract our services. Our technicians are well-trained, fully insured, and take their time rescreening enclosures. St. Johns County homeowners feel confident inviting our reliable professionals to their properties.

High-Quality Screen Materials Get the Job Done Right

By relying on our technicians, you guarantee sturdy and long-lasting screens that will protect your enclosures all year long. Customer service is a top priority for our team, which is why we use industry-leading materials designed to withstand Fruit Cove weather patterns. Our products include:

  • TuffScreen®
  • Super Screen®
  • Phifer®
  • New York Wire®

In addition, we also carry solar screens and a full assortment of window screening and aluminum framing materials. For more information on our products, contact our service reps.

Free Estimates Provided

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why our Fruit Cove screened enclosure rescreening process begins with a free estimate. Our technicians assess your project and determine a fair rate. Our rescreening costs are based on:

  • The type of screening material you choose
  • The quantity of screening material required
  • The amount of time it will take to complete your rescreening service

Once we deliver an estimate, we stick to it. Our loyal customers appreciate how we never throw in last-minute fees or hidden expenses, allowing them to budget their services accordingly. We value our customers, so our crew goes above and beyond to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

100% Guarantee for Our Quality Services

Our rescreening materials are backed by manufacturer warranties to ensure long-term durability. We only offer screening materials that we believe are worthwhile and designed to last, so you can feel confident with whatever product you choose.

In addition to manufacturer warranties, our rescreening services include our 100% one-week guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our handiwork, contact us immediately. We are happy to make adjustments as long as the issues are not due to normal wear and tear or forceful damage.

Talk to a Fruit Cove Screen Enclosure Rescreening Rep Now

Holes and worn-down screens are frustrating, but local experts are available to fix them. If you need a screened enclosure rescreening service in Fruit Cove, FL, contact First Coast Home Pros now.

Our qualified team will visit your property, present a fair estimate, and provide high-quality screen repairs. Contact us to learn more about our rescreening materials or to schedule an appointment.