If the tile and grout in your Fruit Cove, Florida home grosses you out to look at it, then you may be interested in a professional cleaning. At some point, the amount of dirt, grease, and debris builds up so that you just can’t get it clean on your own anymore – at least not without putting in a significant amount of time and energy. That’s a lot of time to be down on the ground, breathing in cleaning products.

Luckily, our professional tile and grout cleaning team at First Coast Home Pros is right around the corner and can help restore your home to its former glory. Our team has Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training, which means they know just which techniques and tools to use to restore your tile and grout’s original luster. We specialize in going tough on dirt, but not so tough that it results in damage to your home.

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Cleaning, Recoloring, Sealing – We Do It All!

Our tile and grout cleaning team has every tool at their disposal to restore your tile and grout and make it look like new again. First, we clean, then we seal to preserve the work we did and to ward off future buildup of gunk and grime. We’ll also recolor your grout, so it looks like you had it newly installed. You have to see it to believe it, and your guests may have a hard time believing it!

As a full-service company, we use the highest quality of equipment and the most up-to-date techniques to get your tile and grout thoroughly clean in only one visit. At First Coast Home Pros, we fully understand that not all tiles and grout combinations are created equal, so we vary our cleaning procedures based on your floor’s material.

Recoloring Your Grout

In some instances, the best way to make your grout pop is to simply recolor it. Maybe your grout is older but not old enough to require a replacement quite yet. Or maybe you’ve simply scrubbed the color out of it, since soap buildup can cause grout to turn grey. No worries – we can recolor your grout so that it looks like it came right out of the can. We can match our high-quality grout to any color.

Sealing Your Grout

Sealing your grout is the best way to protect it from future buildups of dust and dirt. Of course, sealant won’t last forever, but it will certainly extend your time between cleanings. Plus, we like to preserve our hard work!

When we apply sealant to your grout, the sealant acts as a barrier by causing anything that drops on it to bead up. This gives you more time to grab a rag and clean up the spill before the liquid has a chance to seep into the grout and steal its luster. Plus, because the sealant repels dirt and debris, it also helps make the tile easier for you to clean, which allows it to look cleaner for longer.

You may be thinking that a process like this must take all day, but it doesn’t. We can have your room cleaned and sealed within just a few hours. Once we’re done, you can go right back to using the room that same day! We just recommend that you stick to light use for the first 24 hours to give the sealant more time to set.

Wood Floors

At First Coast Home Pros, we don’t just clean tile and grout – far from it! In addition to cleaning, sealing, and restoring tile floors, we also clean and restore carpets, wood floors, and even items like furniture and drapery.

We understand wood floors in particular may be more difficult to take care of. But, as with anything else, the better you take care of your wood floor, the less you will spend later sanding and refinishing it.

We designed our two-step professional maintenance system to both clean and protect your wood floor. The last thing you need is to have to replace a hardwood floor before its time. The process is both expensive and time-consuming, and it can significantly disrupt your everyday activities.

We masterfully strike that delicate balance between vigorously removing grease, dirt, and other residue from your floor while also protecting it from damage. We apply a low VOC finish, which is safer for your health and floor. Plus, it’s less smelly than other similar products on the market today.

No Matter the Floor, First Coast Home Pros Can Clean It!

At First Coast Home Pros, cleaning and protecting your floors is one of the many services in which we specialize. Whether you have tile and grout, carpet, or wood, we can make it look brand new again. We never use harsh chemicals, and we take extra precautions to protect your home and health.

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