Most residents of Fruit Cove like having clean, spotless, shiny wooden floors.  But to maintain these floors, you have to get them cleaned professionally. Sorry, your regular cleaning won’t get it done. You need a lot more than regular vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. 

You need a professional cleaning service in Fruit Cove to deep-clean your floors and possibly add a layer of finishing coating to make your floor look like new. A good cleaning session by First Coast Home Pros will restore your floors to their beautiful state. This way, not only would you have extra clean floors that you pick up food from or comfortably allow your child to roll around on, but you can also show it off to your friends and family. 

And if they want to know how you could afford your “new floors” all of a sudden, you can just point them our way and let’s perform the same “magic” for them. At First Coast Home Pros, we transform dull-looking, scuff-marked floors into shiny new and beautiful floors. 

Why Choose First Coast Home Pros to Clean Your Wood Floors?

Your trusty ol’ wood floors take a beating every day from the heavy traffic to scuffs, scratches, and dents. But these floors, whether they’re made from hardwood or machine-engineered, are designed to take the beating.

Unfortunately, there’s only so much your floors can take before they start looking dull, even when you clean them every day. This is why you need to consult with our Fruit Cove wood floor cleaning service. 

Our Gentle Cleaning Process

We use an intensive low-moisture cleaning process that gets to all the hidden crevices in your floorboards, removes the grime, germs, and dander, and ensures that your floors are thoroughly clean. Then, we apply a layer of protective coating that will restore the gloss and shine, and add additional years to your floor’s utility. 

Our cleaning process incorporates gentle but highly effective cleaning agents that do a thorough job of removing all dirt and gunk. We have been cleaning wood floors in Florida for decades with great results. 

Our Effective Cleaning Tools

This is because we only use tested and tried cleaning agents, methods, and equipment. We use a low-moisture industrial-grade scrubbing machine in addition to a gentle but dirt-wiping alkaline-based wood floor cleaning agent.

Once we’re done applying that, we’ll also go over your floors again with an alcohol-based cleaning agent that not only eliminates all residual filth and germs, it also neutralizes the alkaline chemicals. Then, we clean up your floors until they’re chemical-free.

We’re the wood floor cleaners you hire when the floor in your house needs a total makeover that will turn your home into the envy of your friends, family, and neighbors. 

Should You Apply a Finishing Coat After The Floor Has Been Cleaned?

That depends on your preferences. But the benefits of applying a water-based polyurethane coating on your floor far outweigh the affordable cost implications. So, we often recommend that clients add this extra layer of protection after we clean out their floors. 

But that’s just one of the benefits. There are other pros, including:

  • Improving the aesthetic value of the floor as it will shine and restore the luster
  • Protects the floorboards from soil or moisture
  • Helps fade the scuff marks and scratches
  • Has minimal volatile organic compounds, which means that your indoor air quality will be really high
  • It is a more eco-friendly and environmentally responsible coating option
  • Far easier floor maintenance after the coating

This maintenance coating does wonders for your floor’s longevity too. With the coating, your floor is better shielded and protected from the elements and consistent traffic. Our water-based polyurethane coating is the best for hardwood floors as it dries and cures well and rapidly.

If you want more information on coating your floors, our cleaning and finishing professionals can answer all your questions and provide all the necessary explanations you might need.  

Is There a Need for Floor Restoration Before Cleaning?

Again, this depends on the current state of your floors and your preferences, really. If your wood floors are in moderately decent condition, then there will be no need to refinish or restore the floors by sanding them before we clean them. 

But if the floors have been badly scuffed, dented, or scratched, floor restoration before cleaning might be an option. Other instances in which wood floor refinishing might be a necessity include:

  • The finish is so worn that you can see the real wood
  • The wood is deeply discolored or stained and has different colors
  • If the floor was coated with floor polish or wax in the past and is now dull and lackluster

However, we’ll be able to tell if this is a necessity during our first or pre-cleaning inspection. 

Pros of Cleaning Your Wood Floor Professionally

There are many benefits of having our professional wood floor cleaners in Fruit Cove, FL, wash and restore your floors. These include:

  • Increases the wood floors longevity
  • Restores the floor to its former standard and gives it a new shine
  • Transforms your floor so it looks like new
  • Ensures it’s so clean that your baby can play on the floor
  • Impress family and friends with the new floors
  • Increases the value of your home and property
  • Makes the home feel like a new one
  • Improves indoor air quality as the cleaning eliminates a lot of dust, dirt, pet dander, allergens, and dust mites

These are just some of the benefits of a professional wood floor cleaning job by First Coast Home Pros. 

Hire Our Experienced Fruit Cove Wood Floor Cleaning Service

Our wood floor cleaning specialists are trained, experienced, skilled, and meticulous about cleaning your floor. We are committed to making sure that the floor in your home is left in a flawless condition after we’re done. 

We use gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning agents and equipment. You can trust First Coast Home Pros to clean and transform your floors through our proven cleaning and finishing system.

So, get in touch with us to schedule a thorough floor inspection at your home.