The HVAC system is an essential appliance in a home as it controls how air flows into your home. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), a 6-room residential home collects about 40 pounds of dust, debris, and allergens within a year. This can be unhealthy to the resident, emphasizing the importance of cleaning them. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends homeowners clean their air ducts every three to five years. However, this can change depending on your region, how often you rely on the HVAC system, and if you have a family member with respiratory problems. If you have a family member with respiratory issues, it’s best to invest in air duct cleaning more often. 

How Do You Know Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning? 

It can be challenging to determine whether your air duct needs cleaning since most parts are invisible. However, some apparent signs prove there’s mold in the air duct, and it needs to be cleaned. These signs include:

Odor or Mold Smells

This is the first sign that a homeowner will notice showing that their air duct needs cleaning. Most molds have a musty odor that often smells stale, wet, or rotten. This smell is usually present when using the heating or air conditioning system but usually decreases once you’ve turned off the system. 

Visible Mold

You can notice visible mold in extreme scenarios, especially in the duct and drip pan. It usually happens when the condenser coil clogs. Call a professional cleaner right away once you notice this. 


If your home is always dusty, regardless of how often you clean it, there are high chances that the air duct is dirty. Check whether you see dust inside or outside the vent to determine whether it needs cleaning. You may notice dust coming from the vents in extreme conditions once you switch on the HVAC. 

You Can Notice Rodents or Insects in the Ducts 

Squirrels, mice, and insects often get into the HVAC air ducts. Rodents usually leave their droppings behind, sending tiny fecal spores along the ducts. These spores can end up in your home and contaminate the quality of the air you breathe. 

Rising Energy Cost 

If you receive a noticeably high bill, there are chances that your vents are dirty. In extreme cases, the ductwork can be so polluted that air doesn’t flow efficiently through the HVAC. Therefore, the furnace and air conditioner must highly function to maintain the right temperature, adding costs to your utility bill. 

Allergy Symptoms 

When your family starts exhibiting allergy symptoms, this might signify mold. Common symptoms associated with mold include respiratory irritation, nausea, and headaches. Other people might start experiencing itchy and dry eyes. 

What Are the Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning? 

Various benefits are associated with having the ducts professionally cleaned. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Keeps Your Home Clean 

Once you’ve cleaned your air ducts, rest assured that your home will stay clean at all times. You never have to worry about the dust that circulates almost everywhere in your house. It also cuts down the time used in interior cleaning.

Reduces Irritants and Allergens

Apart from the dust in the vents, air ducts contain harmful microorganisms and contaminants that endanger your family. Therefore, by cleaning your home, you’ll be promoting the health of family members who are particularly sensitive to airborne particles. 

Does Away with Unpleasant Odors

The musty odor that accumulates in a dirty vent can be a nuisance in your home. By cleaning the ducts, you’ll be keeping your house fresh and more comfortable. 

Improves the Air Flow Efficiency

Once dirt and other harmful particles build in your air duct, the HVAC system works harder to keep up with the dirt. However, once you’ve cleaned the vents, the HVAC will operate efficiently and provide a cost-effective performance that cuts down your energy bill. 

What Should You Do Before a Professional Air Duct Cleaner Arrives? 

It would be best to consider some factors to ensure that your air duct cleaning services run smoothly. Some of the things you should do are as follows:

Clear the Workspace 

Starting to remove chairs and clearing debris after a professional duct cleaner arrives can waste time. Therefore, it’s crucial to clear as much space as possible to provide a safe and clear area where the cleaner can work.

Ensure Your Pets Are Safe 

You can either lock your pets in a separate room or take them to a pet boarding facility to keep them safe once the air duct cleaner arrives. If you decide to keep it in a separate room, inform the contractor about this. If you aren’t around, notify the cleaner of the precautionary measures they should take. 

Decide Whether to Leave or Stay

Air vent cleaning can put your family at risk of allergies and other associated factors. Therefore, you must decide whether to stay or leave depending on the size of your house and your family member’s health condition. If you have someone allergic to mold or other pollutants, you might need to leave as the technician cleans your air vents. 

What to Do Once the Air Duct Cleaner Arrives 

Many residents leave their homes without informing their contractors. Don’t make this error. Here are some of the things you should do when the cleaners arrive:

  • Please give them a walk of your home and show them where the vents are 
  • Discuss how the building will be protected 
  • Inform the technician how to keep your home clean 
  • Ask how you should pay for the service and other aspects associated with the cleaning services 

Clean Your Air Vents Today with First Coast Home Pros 

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