If you’re lucky enough to live in Jacksonville Beach, you know the perks of this area. Sun, warmth, ocean breezes, splashing in the waves, and ample opportunities for outdoor dining and activities. But the Jacksonville Beach lifestyle can also take a toll on your home’s carpet.

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Why You Need Carpet Cleaning Services

When your carpets were installed, they were crisp, clean, and made your home look fantastic. Over time, carpets can lose their luster. Over time, foot traffic can make your carpet a haven for dirt, allergens, mold, pet dander. Harmful particles hiding in your carpets can also affect indoor air quality.

Eating and Drinking

If you eat or drink in your home, your carpet has likely been spilled on, dripped on, and is hosting crumbs and food particles. Vacuuming helps, but over time, food and beverages can leave stains that are not only unsightly but can also begin to smell.

Sand and Dirt

Living near the beach surely has its benefits, but tracking sand and dirt indoors isn’t one of them. Contaminants such as pesticides, lead, asbestos, and petroleum products are often found in soil. And what you step in outdoors is tracked inside as well. No matter how much you vacuum, sand and dirt, in particular, tend to fall heavily to the bottom of carpets.


If you’ve ever had a pet, you know they shed. Some of them shed a lot. And you also know you’ll find pet hair embedded deep in carpets for many years. Not only pet hair, but skin flakes, dander, pollen, dust, mites, fleas, and more. If you have allergies, you know breathing in any or all of these things can make your life miserable. If you haven’t had your carpets properly cleaned in a while, your allergies can be triggered by what’s hiding in your carpet fibers.

Mildew and Mold

Humid and warm environments, such as those in the Jacksonville Beach area, provide the perfect climate for mildew and mold growth hidden in carpets. Cleaning and fully drying carpet (and keeping it dry as much as possible) can help eliminate mold and mildew issues and the breathing problems they can cause.

Bad Smells

Between human foot traffic, pets, food, drinks, trips to the beach, and shoes being worn indoors, carpet can really start to stink. Fresheners and deodorizers only mask the problem. Only a deep carpet cleaning will truly get dirt, stains, and odors out.

Deep cleaned carpets look better, last longer, contribute to better indoor air quality and help prevent mildew and mold growth.

If you’re selling your home, your carpets must look in tip-top shape to truly showcase your home and appeal to buyers. Carpet stains and odors are one of the first items potential buyers notice and pinpoint as a problem or a barrier to purchasing a home.

If you recently purchased a new home, the ideal time to have the carpets deep cleaned is before you move in. It’s best to get a fresh start and remove whatever was left from the previous owners.

What to Look for in a Carpet Cleaning Service

You know your carpet needs cleaning because you recognize and relate to one or more of the above. Some people are motivated to rent a carpet cleaner and do the project themselves, but this can actually cause more issues than originally existed. DIY carpet cleaning can leave your carpet damp. In a humid climate, it can take a long time to dry. Mildew and even mold can grow and multiply in wet, humid environments making the carpet smell and possibly creating indoor air quality issues.

When comparing Jacksonville Beach carpet cleaning services, look for Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-certified technicians (also known as The Clean Trust). The certification shows that the company has a wealth of experience and that they use state-of-the-art equipment.

Carpet fiber producers and carpet manufacturers recommend using steam cleaning (or hot water extraction) to safely and effectively have your carpet deep cleaned. The experienced technicians at First Coast Home Pros help ensure your carpets will dry quickly using double extraction. We also fully remove stains (not just remove them from the surface) and use a neutralizing rinse every time to assure your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

Professional carpet cleaning equipment is usually truck mounted and not available to the average homeowner. The water in professional equipment gets extremely hot and the vacuum has maximum suction so you get superior cleaning power. We also utilize professional-strength cleaners to effectively treat and remove stains.

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