Working on home cleaning projects is fun and exciting to handle until you are stuck with a pile of unfinished work. Those with some DIY knowledge often take on more projects around the house than they can reasonably handle. That is why it is so important to outsource certain projects to experts.

Hiring handyman services saves you energy, time, and effort in trying to juggle multiple things at once. In addition, a handyman will protect your home from running into ruins as a result of ignoring minor repairs. Consult Jacksonville Beach Handyman Services to experience craftsmanship, professionalism, and quality. 

Handyman Services You Should Get Done Around Your Jacksonville Beach Home

Your Jacksonville Beach property requires regular maintenance to withstand the natural elements through hot and oppressive summers and windy and cold winters. 

An average homeowner in Jacksonville Beach, FL, should aim to have the following repair and maintenance services carried out throughout the year.

1. Lighting Fixture Installation

Home improvement projects aim at constantly upgrading the look and feel of your home. An excellent way to dramatically make a statement change in your home is by changing the light fixtures. Get a customized light fixture set to enhance the feel of each space. 

Apart from making your home appear new, they also reduce safety risks. Old fixtures can stop working, posing danger to your home. Changing lights involves a bit of electrical and wiring work; therefore, if you are not confident in maintaining the light fixture standards, call a handyman for help.

2. Paint Work

Having a handyman handle your home’s paint job is a smart move. A handyman can likely get the job done much faster than you can alone. In addition, your walls will have a crisp and new look as the professional handyman will pay attention to small details.

Hiring a handyman to paint your home will also save money on the tools such as brushes and rollers that you would have had to purchase for yourself for one-time use.

3. HVAC Maintenance

A broken HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system can cause a major inconvenience if it’s not working as required. Your home will no longer feel comfortable, and this can be a drag on your productivity.

Regular maintenance and checkups will help keep your system distribute and produce warm or cool air steadily throughout the year.  When you request this type of maintenance work through First Coast Homes Pro, you can rest assured that the job will be done properly and at a budget-friendly price. 

4. Flooring Improvements

Everyday activities such as walking, moving furniture, or pets creating a mess on your carpet are likely to reduce the lifespan of your floor. In addition, replacing an entire floor is a complex, time-consuming, and expensive activity.

A handyman will easily fix your floor and give it a brand new appearance at a reasonable cost. In addition, the handyman will notice if there are further issues with your floor, such as damage to the subfloor. They can then provide you with options for how you might want to handle those situations.

5. Furniture Assembly

Don’t avoid buying a piece of new furniture because the instructions appear complex for you to follow and successfully assemble the furniture. Furniture assembly is among the services offered by handymen, yet most people are not aware that it exists.

A Jacksonville Beach handyman will gladly help you out by cutting through the complicated industry jargon to assemble:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Bookshelves
  • Drawers
  • Cabinet boxes
  • Beds

6. Smart Appliance Set-up

An appliance becomes smart after connecting it to a central system, enabling the appliance to be controlled remotely using the input sensor that responds after detecting activity, motion, or temperature.

Smart appliances such as video doorbells, thermostats, and voice assistants improve our lives by providing convenience and enhancing safety. As a result, the number of smart home appliances is increasingly growing in the U.S.

While they provide convenience, not all smart appliances are easy to set up and function. Getting a handyman to help you set up your smart home appliances will ensure that you’ve enjoyed their benefits. 

7. Exterior Maintainance 

When choosing a home maintenance project, it’s easy to sideline the exterior. We tend to spend more time indoors than outdoors, and thus, the exterior is sometimes pushed to the side.

Apart from a well-kept exterior providing curb appeal, regular checkups improve the overall functionality of your home. Getting a handyman to service your lawn or driveway can have added benefits. Also, a handyman can provide extra services such as checking on your roof shingles, siding, and door security. 

8. Drywall Repairs

If your house accommodates more than two people, it’s bound to have some dents, holes, or dings at some point, especially in homes with toddlers or teenagers.

Drywall repair is not complex, but it takes some particular skill to make the repair look seamless like the damage never occurred. A handyman will efficiently execute the job with precision to produce quality work.

What Can Jacksonville Beach Handyman Service Do?

A Jacksonville Beach handyman understands that a home is an investment, and its value should continuously increase through regular checkups and maintenance. 

We have licensed residential contractors who provide excellent workmanship. However, we sub-contract the work to professional and certified contractors for all work that requires special licensing such as HVAC, roofing, and plumbing.

Some of the handyman services we offer at First Coast Homes Pros include:

  • Baby proofing
  • Wood floor installations and repairs
  • Furniture assembly
  • Kitchen backsplash installation
  • Weathering services
  • Drywall repair 
  • Woodwork, i.e carpentry services

Get Specialized Home Services at First Coast Homes Pro

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