Think about some of the many reasons you love Jacksonville Beach — the sun’s rays, cooling rain showers, the ocean breeze. But while you love the weather, it’s not doing your roof any favors. From dust, pollution, and dirt to algae and mold growth, the skilled technicians at First Coast Home Pros get out the grime safely and effectively.

When you’re ready to schedule your low pressure roof cleaning, call (904) 383-7721 or fill out the form. If you’re thinking roof cleaning is a do-it-yourself task, here’s why you should think again.

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Compared to Other Methods

Climbing onto Your Roof and Cleaning with Water and Chemicals

Falls at home, especially during exterior projects, injure thousands of people each year. They can even be deadly. Never climb up on a ladder or onto your roof to check things out when you’re by yourself. Even if you have another person present to help secure the ladder and call for help, if you need it, the best they can do to assist if you fall from your slick, wet roof is to call an emergency crew.

Not only can you hurt yourself, but you can also significantly damage your roof. From wood and asphalt shingles to ceramic, metal, fiberglass, and more, every type of roofing material has different cleaning and maintenance recommendations. Some even require professional-grade cleaners.

Don’t get up onto your roof without first doing a visual inspection from the ground. Low-hanging tree branches and other debris can be causing damage. They may need to be professionally trimmed or removed.

There are numerous benefits to low pressure roof cleaning, but dumping buckets of water or hauling your hose up onto the roof will not provide the appropriate amount of pressure to clean your roof.

Cleaning Your Roof on Your Own with a Pressure Washer

Not only is this an extremely dangerous activity, but power washers can loosen shingles and tiles, as well as cause gashes in roofs. This can potentially cause water leakage and interior mold and mildew issues.

The possibility of damage with high pressure is precisely why we utilize more subdued, low pressure professional cleaning equipment.

Dousing Your Roof with Chemicals

Whether you attempt to do it yourself or hire a “professional” who claims this is the answer to your problems, it can not only damage your roof but so much more. Chemicals drip from your roof onto your yard and landscaping below. They may also dribble onto or behind siding.

There are many “recipes” to be found online for self-made roof cleaning solutions made from bleach. Spraying or splashing these onto your roof can blow back into your face, drop all over and kill plants, lawns, and landscaping below. Any kind of chemical must be specifically applied and properly rinsed.

Low pressure roof cleaning in conjunction with a gentle, effective, professional cleaner is the safest, most efficient way to have your roof cleaned.

Ignoring the Problem

Plant growth, leaves, branches, and other debris left over any long period of time can cause damage to your roof, and can severely clog gutters. This is especially important after any strong storm.

Mold and algae can both look like black or green streaks or stripes. Moss looks like clumps or lines or yellow, green or brown plants. Never ignore mold, moss, and algae and never climb onto a roof with these substances growing on it. They can be extremely slippery and dangerous.

Low pressure roof cleaning and professional-strength cleaning solutions are highly effective mold, moss, and algae removal tools.

The Benefits of Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

Sometimes called “soft wash” roof cleaning, professional, low pressure roof cleaning is the safest method. It is also widely recommended by roofing manufacturers. Low pressure roof cleaning does not involve dangerous chemicals or damaging high water pressure. No danger to your roof, no damage to your landscaping, and no risk of your falling from a ladder or roof.

Also, a clean roof is a well-functioning roof. Dirt, debris, mold, moss, and algae can damage and degrade roofs, cause or worsen leaks, and diminish energy efficiency. Dirty roofs also usually mean grubby gutters too, so a clean slate can help ensure water is flowing where it is supposed to — away from your home and yard.

Professional low pressure roof cleaning also helps raise your property value and curb appeal, so if you’re selling your home, add this to the list.

We’ll Show You How Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Can Benefit Your Home

Taking care of your home also means taking proper care of your roof. Protecting it from debris, dirt, pollutants, moss, algae, and mold can help preserve your significant investment. Let the experts at First Coast Home Pros provide a free estimate to assess the condition of your roof and share with you the benefits of low pressure roof cleaning. Call (904) 383-7721 or fill out the form for a free estimate or to schedule a service appointment.