Everyone loves clean shiny wood floors. They are beautiful to look at and add a lot of aesthetic value to the property. This is why they are a common feature in the average Jacksonville Beach home. 

However, over time, these floors get dirty or become scuffed due to prolonged use and frequent traffic. Many people tend to put off cleaning their floors because they think it will be a chore and will be stressful. However, with the help of Jacksonville Beach wood floor cleaning services offered by First Coast Home Pros,  you can have your wood floors cleaned professionally.

We guarantee that by the time we’re done cleaning your floors, they will be in great condition and restored to their former glory. We do this using industry-standard cleaning agents and apply floor polishing after the cleaning.

Benefits of Professionally Cleaning Your Hard Wood Floors in Jacksonville Beach

Most people routinely clean their wood floors by sweeping and mopping them frequently. But that is not enough considering that wood floors start showing scratches, scuff marks, and other damages over time. When these marks start showing, they can quickly take away from the luster of your once-immaculate wood floors. 

Thankfully, you can hire experienced Jacksonville beach professional floor cleaners to help deep clean your wood floors and polish them so that they look like new.  If you’re wondering if that is a good idea, here are some pros of having your floors frequently cleaned by professional services:

Cheaper than refinishing or replacing the floor

Here’s the thing: hardwood floors are very expensive to either replace or refinish. Sure, either of these options will give you a floor that’s beautiful, clean, and shiny. But you’ll have to spend a lot of money to get that done. While cleaning the floors isn’t the same thing as refinishing or replacing them, it is cheaper to produce a similar result. If your floors aren’t structurally damaged or terrible, cleaning them will sort out the scuff marks and other signs of wear.

Extends the floor’s utility and lifespan

Although hardwood floors are meant to last a lifetime, they can start showing signs of their age long before they finally break down. But frequent cleaning helps maintain those floors and keeps them going for much longer than they ordinarily would.

Ensures the Floor is Really Clean

The regular or daily cleaning that you do doesn’t really target the elimination of deeply embedded dirt in the tiny spaces between floorboards or the allergens and other pollutants. They just do a surface cleaning job. But with a Jacksonville Beach professional cleaning service, the cleaning equipment and agents tend to get to those hard-to-reach places. Thus, making sure that your floor is rid of deeply embedded dirt, germs, hidden grime, allergens, and other dander.

Minimizes Damage

After every cleaning session, we tend to add an extra layer of protective coating to keep the floor looking new and minimize the scuff marks and scratches. 

Our Floor Cleaning Process

At First Coast Home Pros, we have a proven wood floor cleaning process that eliminates all grime, germs, dirt, dander, hair, and dead skin cells. Our cleaning process is as follows:

  • We’ll initially go over the floor to get rid of any surface dirt
  • Then, we’ll apply our proven powerful alkaline hardwood floor cleaning agent and go over the floor using our low-moisture equipment 
  • That’s followed by the application of an alcohol-based cleaning agent which counter the alkalinity and reduced any acidity
  • Then ensure that there’s no chemical residue left after we’re done

After this is completed, you can have us polish the floors with a gentle finish coat. If you don’t want your floor polished or coated, we can just do the cleaning alone. 

Once this is done, your floors will be safe to put your baby on because they will be thoroughly clean and germ-free. Our cleaning process helps restore old-looking hard floors and gives them a new shine.

Is Applying a Finish Coat Necessary to Restore Your Hard Wood Floor’s Shine?

Most old or seasoned hardwood floors need a finish coat to make them shine again and restore their luster. While you can just have your floors deep-cleaned without applying a finishing coat, we do recommend it. 

It can be the difference between an average-looking floor and a beautiful glossy-looking floor that you’ll be proud to show off. We have different water-based polyurethane floor finishing options, depending on how shiny you want your floors. 

These finishing coatings not only make your floors look good, but will also prevent the floors from absorbing moisture or getting soiled again. This way, your floors can last a lot longer, while retaining their awesome sheen. 

Why Hire First Coast Home Pros to Clean Your Wood Floors?

Regular cleaning routines don’t prevent scuff marks, scratches, or grime from being trapped in hard-to-reach parts of your floor. Sure, it does help maintain the floor, but if you want to truly get at the decades of grime, dead skin cells, pet dander, and other forms of dirt on your floor, it’s best to allow the best Jacksonville Beach wood floor cleaners at First Coast Home Pros handle it. 

When you hire us, we’ll first carry out an in-home inspection at no cost to you. This is to help assess the extent of damage to the floors and the cleaning or finish coating you’ll need. After our initial inspection, we’ll then let you know what your floor needs. 

We are professional, fast, and thorough. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and coating. We adhere to industry-wide wood floor cleaning best practices. Our floor cleaners are skilled, trained, and understand the intricacies involved in cleaning wood floors. If you want the best cleaning and finishing service in Jacksonville Beach, FL, you should come talk to us.

Contact our Jacksonville Beach wood floor cleaning service today for a free floor assessment and estimate.