If your carpets have developed ripples, waves, or bulges, our expert carpet stretching service is the solution. Over time, with regular wear and tear the carpet can pull away from the tack strip, tack strip can become damaged, and the carpet itself can become less taut and begin to loosen. It can also happen that carpets that were not installed quite right (probably with a knee kicker only) and may require additional power stretching over time. We have all the tools necessary for this job, including a power stretcher pole system to apply the appropriate tension for maximum stretch.

Carpets should lay flat and smooth across the floor, and should not be pulled up at the edges of the room. It should have a flat, uniform, neatly tucked in appearance uniformly throughout the room. If you start to notice any of the signs your carpets need to be stretched, such as lumpy, rippled, or wrinkled looking carpet, call us as soon as possible. Leaving carpets unstretched can cause the carpet to wear prematurely and unevenly, develop a snag, and overall decrease the lifespan of your carpet. Perhaps even more importantly, rippled carpet is a trip hazard.

Our professional Jacksonville cleaning and home improvement services can assist you with correcting any of these issues with your carpeting. We will use a power stretcher and knee kicker to pull, stretch, replace, and trim the carpet so that it lays nice and smooth across your floor. We will handle moving any furniture as well. Give us a call today to have your wrinkled carpet fixed today!

We 100% guarantee our carpet stretching service for 1 week (excluding normal wear and tear).  This guarantee period is meant to give you adequate time to be sure the job has been done properly and to your satisfaction.  If during this period you are not satisfied with the work that was done for any reason, please contact us so we can make it right.

For more information or to schedule a free estimate on carpet stretching in Jacksonville, FL, please call 904.383.7721 or email service@firstcoasthomepros.com.