Living on the First Coast gives homeowners numerous reasons to enjoy the outdoors in their front or backyards. Thanks to fully functioning screen enclosures, you can enjoy the fresh Florida air without melting under the hot sun or being attacked by pesky mosquitoes.

But does your screen enclosure need sprucing up? If so, we can help. Our team provides screened enclosure rescreening services to Neptune Beach property owners. We are happy to repair and replace pet, lanai, porch, pool, door, and window screens throughout Duval County.

Screen Repair Services for Neptune Beach Residents

Rescreening allows you to keep pesky insects away while adding significant value to your home. Whether you have minor damage or need an entire structure rescreened, we are the local team for the job.

Professional Lanai and Porch Screens

The pros of living in Neptune Beach: beautiful weather year-round. The cons of living in Neptune Beach: warm weather means plenty of bugs. The solution: screened-in porches and lanais!

Not only will new screens keep the bugs away, but they also prevent water from getting into your porch. The climate in Neptune Beach is beautiful, but it includes 49 inches of rain per year (which is higher than the national average). Rescreening your lanai allows you to protect your furniture and continue sitting outside during a light rainstorm.

We provide fast, affordable, and quality services for lanais and porches. By repairing holes and renovating your space with high-quality materials, you can get the most of what your screened enclosure has to offer.

High-Quality Pool Enclosures

The average American spends $87.50 a month on swimming pool chemicals to keep their pool water clean. Enclosing your structure with screens leads to fewer contaminants in your pool and more sterile water. That means you won’t have to spend as much money on chemicals, saving you time and money. In addition, a pool enclosure will:

  • Add an extra layer of protection during inclement weather
  • Reduce the need to frequently scoop bugs and leaves out of your pool’s water
  • Boost your home’s aesthetic and value

Upgrade your swimming pool by letting your local screened enclosure rescreening service in Neptune Beach work its magic. Our specialists use quality materials and specialize in fast pool enclosure services.

First-Rate Door and Window Screening

Children, pets, and harsh weather can damage screen doors and windows. Investing in a complete rescreening service keeps your enclosure in tip-top shape and prevents bugs from finding their way into your indoor-outdoor oasis.

We perform efficient door and window rescreening services for residents throughout Duval County. Not only are our materials durable and long-lasting, but the new materials also boost your home’s aesthetic.

Only the Best Screening Materials for Our Customers

Are you going to require a screened enclosure rescreening service in Neptune Beach every year? No, not if you trust our experts for the job. We use industry-leading screens that are built to withstand unpredictable Florida weather patterns.

Every type of screen we install comes backed with manufacturer warranties and our company’s 100% guarantee. Our products include:

  • TuffScreen®
  • Super Screen®
  • Phifer®
  • New York Wire®

We take our time to install your new screens correctly. Our process starts with a free consultation. One of our rescreening technicians visits your property, takes measurements, and shows you samples of screens that would best benefit your enclosure.

Reliable Rescreening at Affordable Prices

We often hear about homeowners waiting around for service techs to show up just to have them cancel at the last second. That is not our style. We value customer service and strive to arrive at every service appointment on time and ready to work.

We do not provide pricing for our enclosure rescreening processes over the phone. Instead, we provide free consultations. While on-site, we can determine which material to use and the amount of screening required. We use that information to calculate a fair and reasonable quote.

As always, if you are not 100% satisfied with our work, contact our team. Our technicians want you to be able to enjoy your enclosure and feel confident in our craftsmanship. We are happy to revisit your property, assess your screens, and make any necessary adjustments.

Schedule Your Screen Enclosure Rescreening Service

First Coast Home Pros is the team you can trust for Neptune Beach screened enclosure rescreen servicing. Whether it’s changing a pet screen or rescreening your entire porch, we got you covered.

Contact us now to schedule a no-obligation rescreening consultation. Thanks to our high-quality screens, first-rate handiwork, and affordable pricing, we are the screen repair company that residents in Neptune Beach trust.