Investing in solar panels allows you to turn to the sun for powering your home, but these systems are not hands-off. That is, once installed, there are a few things you need to do on a consistent basis to ensure they are working well and consistently for you. That includes keeping them free from dirt and debris. 

Our Neptune Beach solar panel cleaning service can help make that process as easy and streamlined as possible for you. If you need Neptune Beach Cleaning & Home Improvement Services, or any other home service, contact First Coast Home Pros for an appointment. We ensure your solar panels are cleaned properly, according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

When do You Need to Clean Your Solar Panels?

Follow the recommendations of the solar panel manufacturer for specific guidelines on both when and how to clean solar panels, as differences can exist from one system to the next. However, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Any time that a buildup occurs on the surface of a solar panel, it blocks the panel’s ability to absorb the sun’s rays, and that nearly always limits the overall functionality of the panels. Over time, this can lead to a degradation of the panel’s ability to meet your goals and efficiency drops. 

Anything on the surface of the panels is worrisome, especially leaves, residue, bird droppings, or any other debris. If you notice this on your solar panels, it’s time to call a professional to handle the cleaning.

Clean Solar Panels Annually

Aside from this, it is a good idea to have your solar panels in Neptune Beach cleaned at least one time a year. Doing this helps ensure that the solar panels are always working at their most efficient level, and that means you are saving as much as possible on your energy needs.

Some manufacturers share that cleaning solar panels on a consistent basis like this can improve energy efficiency by 10 or more percent when compared to solar panels that are only cleaned off when it rains.

Why You Should Not Clean Solar Panels Yourself

Though there are plenty of instructions on how to properly clean solar panels, be careful when you try to do the work yourself. It is often best to let a professional handle it for several reasons.

  • We know how to properly clean them without damaging the surface of the panel in any way. Even small scratches can cause a loss of efficiency.
  • You do not want to be up on the roof where your panels are and create an unnecessary risk to your safety.
  • Your manufacturer’s warranty may require that the solar panels are cleaned professionally and that it is done in a very specific way. Our technicians ensure that is the case.

Use our solar panel cleaning services in Neptune Beach for a fast, efficient, and safe solution. Our team can be there to get the job done for you quickly, and we can ensure it is done properly every time.

Isn’t Rainwater Enough to Clean Solar Panels?

Often, one of the selling points for installing solar panels is that they are very easy to maintain. Overall, they are especially effective when they are installed properly. However, nearly all products benefit from being cleaned on a consistent basis because it removes any material m that is blocking the panel from absorbing the sun’s rays. 

While the rain can help keep these surfaces clean and free from most debris, it is limited:

  • In many areas, including in Neptune Beach, rainwater is not clean. It has pollen, dirt, and other materials in it that can adhere to the surface of the solar panel or cause damage to it.
  • The rain can pool on the surface of the solar panels, which can cause damage to the glass itself, especially if this happens often. Often, this is a good reason to have the solar panel frame adjusted to improve the angle and reduce this risk.
  • When the rain finally evaporates, it does not take with it any of the material in the water, including any muddy materials that now cloud the surface of the panel and make it impossible for the panels to be as efficient as they typically could be.

It is faster and easier to have our team get them clean. We can help ensure that all material on the surface of the solar panels is washed clean, creating a like-new, clean surface that is operating at its most efficient level possible.

What to Expect from Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services

When you trust our team with your solar panel cleaning, we ensure the process goes well and that all of your needs are met. That includes:

  • Properly accessing the solar panels from a safe area.
  • Cleaning them with only approved methods and solutions minimizes any risk to your panels.
  • We provide full clean up of the work we do. We do not leave anything behind in this process.
  • We guarantee our service for a full month after using it. That means that, aside from the normal accumulation of dirt and debris, your panels will remain clean. We stand behind the work we do.

Our method will remove all dirt, algae, and other debris that builds up on the surface of the soil panel. It involves the use of a telescoping brush system that is safe to use on the surface of the solar panel to remove any unwanted materials. 

We also use only reverse osmosis for the removal of any contaminants present. This helps to better protect the surface of your solar panels from any type of damage and debris. Check our reviews to learn more about our company.

Set Up an Appointment with Our Technicians Today

Our Neptune Beach solar panel cleaning services are readily available to you. Set up an appointment time that works for your needs. Let our team provide you with fast, reliable service that keeps your solar panels working at their best. 

Expect outstanding workmanship and reliable results every time you call us for your solar panels. We provide highly professional service at First Coast Home Pros, no matter what work we are doing for you.