What’s the secret to a great-looking kitchen? The answer: a clean and tidy floor. And according to Better Homes & Gardens (BHG), clean grout is the secret ingredient for flawless tile flooring.

The problem, however, is keeping grout clean. But there’s no need to worry because First Coast Home Pros is the professional tile and grout cleaning service Neptune Beach residents rely on. Call us at (904) 383-7721 or complete our online contact form to learn more about our services.

Leave Grout Removal to the Experts

Wiping down tile floors is one thing, but cleaning the grout line is tricky. Tile grout is porous and requires specialized care, equipment, and sealant.

If your tile floors need some TLC, don’t risk ruining your flooring with DIY methods. Using the wrong materials can cause discoloring and leave behind a stain.

Instead, let the Neptune Beach cleaning experts safely wash your grout and leave your tile floors sparkling. Within 24 hours of your service appointment, your tile floors will be cleaned and ready for everyday use.

Powerful Grout Cleaning Equipment

All the scrubbing in the world doesn’t compare to what a professional can achieve. A tile floor cleaning service uses a balance of hot water, high pressure, and grout sanitizing chemicals to extract dirt and leave floors in pristine condition.

Our team uses a powerful tile grout cleaner to penetrate the surface of your flooring. Our tools wipe away stubborn dirt without damaging the porous material. The process safely cleans tile floors and restores your grout’s original glow.

Experienced Tile and Grout Cleaning Team

We are Duval County’s floor care experts, and we excel at what we do. We know the safest and most efficient practices for cleaning tile floors. When you partner with First Coast Home Pros, you receive a professional squad dedicated to removing dirt and enhancing tile floors.

Whether you have questions about our tile cleaning process or want to get tips for maintaining freshly polished floors, give us a call. Our professionals are always ready to answer tile and grout cleaner questions and help Neptune Beach residents sustain healthy-looking floors.

Post-Cleaning Grout Sealant

According to Rue Daily, grout gets dirty so quickly because it is a highly porous material. Grout naturally absorbs liquids, making it easy for the substance to develop stains and lose its shine.

After removing hidden dirt and grime from tile flooring, our service techs apply a grout line sealant. The sealer forms a protective barrier around the grout to prevent contaminants (like everyday kitchen spills) from forming new stains.

Administering post-cleaning grout sealant is a critical step in our tile cleaning service. It prevents grout from losing its color, absorbing more stains, and looking worn-down. Thanks to our high-quality caulking materials, we ensure your tile floors look beautiful for months after service.

The Best Tile Cleaning Service in Neptune Beach

Duval County residents continue to choose our experienced professionals because of our:

  • Customer-first mindset
  • Detail-oriented work ethic
  • Affordable prices

When it comes to our grout cleaning service, we don’t rush through projects. Our techs take their time to ensure everything gets cleaned right the first time around. We have high standards, and our quality craftsmanship shows how we are dedicated to what we do.

Grout Recoloring and Restoration Services

In some cases, deep-cleaning grout will not revive your floor’s original luster. When this occurs, our techs implement grout recoloring and restoration techniques.

We apply a high-quality color-matching sealant to your grout lines. The sealer can take up to 48 hours to dry, but it does a fantastic job at restoring discoloration and making your tile floors look brand-new again.

You’ll Love the Results – We Guarantee It

First Coast Home Pros is the grout cleaning crew Neptune Beach trusts. We are confident that one session with our specialists will leave you floored. But if not, we offer all of our loyal customers a seven-day 100% guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the work our crew provides, contact us. Our team will be happy to discuss your concerns and revisit your property to make any necessary repairs.

More to Clean? We Got You Covered

Once your tile floors are in tip-top shape, our crew would be happy to move on to other areas of your home. Our floor cleanings are not limited to tile floors. We have the tools and expertise to restore wood floors, natural stone tiles, and shower tiles and grout.

Restore Your Floors: Book Your Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

It’s time to stop dreaming of cleaner tiles and better-looking grout. With the help of First Coast Home Pros, we can revive your tile floors and restore damaged grout.

Call us at (904) 383-7721 or complete our online contact form to set up a free consultation. One of our service reps will be happy to review our process and provide an estimate for your tile and grout cleaning service.