Do you have wood flooring in Neptune Beach, Florida? Hardwood floors provide homes and businesses with a classic, timeless look. They can last for decades when properly cared for, representing a long-lasting investment for your property. 

Our team at First Coast Home Pros helps you care for your flooring. We provide professional Neptune Beach, FL, wood floor cleaning services, using our experience to keep your floors looking like new. 

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Should You Have Neptune Beach Wood Floors Professional Cleaned?

Wood floors offer durability and long-lasting beauty if you care for them properly. You can perform essential maintenance on your floors on a regular basis by sweeping them, avoiding spills or other exposure to moisture, and using other tips for caring for wood floors

However, your floor can develop scrapes, scuffs, and scratches over time. Professional wood floor cleaning in Neptune Beach, FL, can erase these signs of wear and tear. In addition to returning your flooring to stunning condition, regular cleaning can: 

  • Extend the lifespan of your wood floor
  • Get rid of allergens like pollen and pet dander
  • Wipe away bacteria to sanitize the floor 

Additionally, our company can apply an optional protective finish to your wood floors. This coat helps limit future damage to your floors, keeping them in great shape for longer. 

Why Choose Us for Wood Floor Cleaning in Neptune Beach?

Our professional team has the experience, training, and equipment to handle Neptune Beach, FL, wood floor cleaning. We specialize in cleaning services, constantly looking for ways to improve our services to provide the highest standard of work. 

Our technicians receive training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This training provides them with information about techniques that work to handle wood floor cleaning. 

When you work with us, we provide you with the following: 

A 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

We back up our work on wood floor cleaning projects. You can contact us any time within 30 days of your cleaning appointment. We want you to be satisfied with the work we complete for your home or business. 

A Free Estimate for Wood Floor Cleaning

Our team can provide you with a free estimate for our wood floor cleaning services in Neptune Beach, FL. We come out to your property and assess the floors you want to be cleaned before providing a quote. 

Appointments That Work for You

We strive to provide service appointments that fit your schedule. You can call us, email us, or use our online contact form to get in touch. We arrive promptly for appointments as we respect your time. 

What Happens During Wood Floor Cleaning in Neptune Beach? 

Neptune Beach, FL, wood floor cleaning is a multi-step process. First, we begin by assessing the condition of your floor. Generally, we do not have to sand floors before handling cleaning, but we do look for signs of extensive damage before we begin the process.

Once technicians have assessed your floor, they begin the two-step process of removing grime, dirt, grease, dust, and bacteria. We start by aggressively clearing away contaminants with a high-alkaline cleaner. 

After we’ve removed the built-up dirt on your floor, we move on to an alcohol-based cleaner that neutralizes the other chemicals on the floor. We complete the process using professional-grade equipment, which can speed up the cleaning procedures. 

How Often Should You Clean Wood Floors in Neptune Beach? 

The ideal time to wait between wood floor cleaning appointments in Neptune Beach, FL, can vary based on how much usage your floors see and other factors. The professionals often recommend yearly cleaning, but you may need more frequent appointments if your floors get used heavily. 

Allowing us to apply a finish coat to your wood flooring after a cleaning appointment can maintain the shine and luster of your floors for longer between cleanings. We use water-based urethane for the finish coat. 

The finish coat is a protective barrier for your wood flooring and dries quickly. You can learn more about this option when you contact us for help. 

What Happens if Your Floor Needs Sanding in Neptune Beach?

Generally, we can clean and coat wood floors in Neptune Beach without sanding or refinishing the wood. However, older floors may sometimes require this extra step from wood floor cleaning crews. 

We may consider sanding if we notice exposed wood, deep scratches or cracks, or variations in your current stain color. Additionally, stains from pet accidents may require sanding and refinishing to remove. 

We’ll let you know if we believe your floors require sanding and handle the work quickly. After we have your floors stripped, we can clean them and then seal them, returning them to a lovely condition. 

How Much Does Neptune Beach Wood Floor Cleaning Cost?

The cost of Neptune Beach, FL, wood floor cleaning can vary. We base our prices on the square footage of the floor that requires cleaning and other factors like the extent of damage to the wood. 

We perform an in-home assessment of your floors and then provide you with a quote for the job. Our team avoids hidden fees, using straightforward pricing for our clients in Neptune Beach. 

Contact Us for Wood Floor Cleaning in Neptune Beach 

Our team at First Coast Home Pros handles Neptune Beach, FL, wood floor cleaning. We offer professional service backed by excellent customer service, putting our clients’ concerns first and working to keep your floors in excellent condition. 

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