Living in Florida offers homeowners outdoors full of sunshine and fresh air. And if you have a screened-in porch, you can enjoy the outdoors without being chewed alive by mosquitoes or cooked by the noon-day sun. Additionally, screened-in patios can add to the value and aesthetics of your Orange Park home.

Yet, if your screened-in porch, lanai, or pool enclosure has holes or other damage, it can ruin your relaxing evening or morning quiet time. Whether you need the whole porch rescreened or just one window, contact the rescreening service experts at First Coast Home Pros.

How Long Do Screened Enclosures Last?

Many Florida residents have reported their enclosure screens can last about six to eight years without repairs and up to 10-20 years before needing to be replaced. Despite these numbers, your screened enclosure’s lifespan will be affected by:

  • Cheap materials, including the frames and screens
  • Bad construction
  • Sloppy, amateur installation
  • Pet damage from biting or clawing at the screen
  • Cheap fasteners that have rusted over time
  • Wind, sun, or rain damage
  • Using harsh cleaning chemicals and not rinsing them off completely

Even if you have a quality enclosure made from aluminum and built to resist inclement weather or high winds, they’re still vulnerable to wear and tear, downed trees, and aging. So, you may need to consider whether it’s better to replace or repair your screened enclosure.

Should I Repair or Replace My Screen?

Your screened enclosure should allow fresh air in and keep the bugs out to prevent insect bites and stings. Yet, if tears, stretching, or gaps are keeping it from fulfilling its job, your enclosure may need to be rescreened or replaced.

If you fix the damaged area, you may be able to save money in the short term; however, there are situations where you may discover it’s more cost-effective to have the screens replaced all at once. Consider rescreening your enclosure if:

  • The enclosure frame or structure is damaged.
  • It has screen damage in multiple areas, including rips and tears from squirrels and other creatures.
  • Your enclosure screens have reached 10 years or so. 
  • The screen is pulled off the pool or porch framework. Again, if this happens in multiple locations, rescreening may be more affordable than a total replacement.

How Much Does It Cost to Rescreen a Porch or Other Enclosure?

The price to hire a rescreening service for your porch or enclosure will depend on several factors, including the materials used, the amount of customization, and its size. On top of this, some installers may calculate your labor charges differently and tack on hidden fees or other amounts that you may not discover until after the job is complete.

On the other hand, at First Coast Home Pros, we divulge all our charges upfront and provide you with a transparent quote. Then, during our walk-through of the job area, we’ll calculate our labor costs by the kind of panel we need to install (door, ceiling, or side.) 

Then we’ll add up the material quantities rather than charging by the square foot. This allows us to provide you with fair pricing for the job specifics that more accurately reflect the job. Since costs change based on the materials market, call us at First Coast Home Pros to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

What Can I Expect from a Rescreening Estimate Appointment?

Because each rescreening job can change from one to the next, the first step after you reach out to us is to set up an in-home estimate with one of our technicians. On your scheduled appointment day, he or she will arrive at your Orange Park home to write up a quote by:

  • Analyzing your situation and advising you on whether to replace or repair your enclosure
  • Taking measurements
  • Showing you frame and screen samples to help you make a knowledgeable decision
  • Offering suggestions on the best ways for you to bring back your enclosed space

Why Should I Choose First Coast Home Pros for Rescreening?

At First Coast Home Pros, we’re proud of the quality of our installation techniques and the durable materials we use. Plus, unlike other installation companies, we never use third-party subcontractors to perform our work. 

We stand behind our enclosure rescreening services, so we can assure you the job will be done well and will hold up for years to come. The screens and aluminum frames we offer are top-of-the-line and were built to last. In addition to a standard insect screen, we offer products from:

  • Phifer
  • Super Screen
  • New York Wire

Many of the screens and frames we install are covered by a 10-year manufacturer warranty that will guard against defects or other issues over that period.

Make First Coast Home Pros Your Enclosure Screening Experts

First Coast Home Pros is the team you can turn to, whether you need your entire enclosure repaired or a small pet screen. Our company carries general liability insurance and worker’s comp for all of our workers, ensuring your interests as a homeowner are protected.

Find out the difference a high-quality rescreening service can make to improve the functionality and beauty of your Orange Park screened enclosure. Contact our service representatives right now to set up an appointment for a risk-free quote. You have nothing to lose!