You shouldn’t hire just any company in the state of Florida to clean your carpets. Some companies leave carpets soggy with water and residue for hours after their visit. While carpets may take a few hours to dry, it’s a problem if you’re still squishing around the next day. This can lead to not only structural problems with your floor, but also a toxic buildup of mold. Plus, it weakens your carpets, which means you’ll need to replace them sooner than you would have otherwise.

Here at First Coast Home Pros, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the professional experience they expect from a cleaning company. We only use the best equipment on the market. We also provide our technicians with extensive training, so they know exactly what to do – and how to do it – once they reach your home.

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Our Trick to Removing Odors and Stains

You can scrub and scrub for hours, but some stains and odors are just too stubborn to come out of the carpet. If you’ve worked for hours and can’t seem to save your carpet, you may think you have no other choice but to throw in the towel. However, you can save thousands of dollars by hiring First Coast Home Pros to take a crack at it, rather than replace it right away. You may just be pleasantly surprised with the results!

With so many years in this business, if there’s one thing we’ve come to learn, it’s that you can’t use the same approach for every stain and odor. The first thing we do is clean your carpet as one complete area. Then, we go after the stains and odors more vigorously.

Of course, while some stains may be set in your carpet permanently, we will do everything possible to at least lighten them up, so you and your guests won’t be able to pick them out as easily.

You pay nothing extra for spot removal with us. It’s free as a thank-you for using our service. However, the removal of those especially stubborn spots and stains, such as pet odors or ink, may cost a bit more. This is because the process itself is more complicated and time-consuming.

Essentially, you’re paying us for the extra time we’ll need to put in, but we will do everything possible in that time to remove or at least reduce that problem area. We would never just launch into the process without giving you the choice to decline that service. Before we even start, we provide you with an itemized list of what we anticipate we will need to do, and you can opt in and out accordingly.

Why First Coast Home Pros Should Be Your First Choice

One thing we do best at First Coast Home Pros is provide quality carpet cleaning service to our customers at affordable prices. We do not believe in hard sales and will never force that upon you.

Some of the benefits you can expect from our carpet cleaning service include:

  • Carpet pretreatment before we even start
  • Top-notch equipment that offers the hot water extraction method you need to clean your carpet most effectively
  • A neutralizing rinse once we’ve finished
  • A clean carpet that dries within hours and stays soft and clean for months after our visit

You don’t have to worry about pre-vacuuming charges, pretreatment charges, neutralizing rinse charges, or hidden charges of any kind with us. We don’t charge you for the fuel we use, our travel expenses, or even for moving standard-sized furniture. We don’t look to nickel-and-dime our customers. We only want to give you the service you want – and nothing you don’t want.

Why At-Home Carpet Cleaning Is Not as Effective

We train our technicians according to the standards established by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

While you can go out and purchase a carpet-cleaning machine to clean your carpets, the IICRC training ensures you get a carpet-cleaning experience like no other. For instance, a carpet-cleaning machine:

  • May not be able to dry your carpets within a reasonable period
  • Almost never removes stains or odors entirely because it doesn’t have the technology to prevent them from wicking back up into the carpet
  • Cannot keep your carpets looking just as clean a month from now as they do immediately after you clean them

It may cost a little more to hire a professional to clean your carpets, but you truly get what you pay for. With First Coast Home Pros, you can enjoy cleaner, softer carpets, and you don’t have to worry about finding the time to clean them yourself.

If You Need Your Carpets Cleaned, First Coast Home Pros Should Be Your First Phone Call

With First Coast Home Pros, you never have to worry about us “ruining” your carpets. We provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the week following your service appointment (excluding normal dirt and debris accumulation). If you decide during this one-week period that you are not completely satisfied with our cleaning, let us know and we’ll make it right.

If you’re in the Palm Valley area and your carpets are overdue for a professional cleaning, call First Coast Home Pros at (904) 383-7721, or email us at With us, you never have to worry about hard sales pitches, slimy up-sell tactics, or hidden fees or costs.

Call First Coast Home Pros today, and let’s work together on getting those carpets clean!