You settled in Palm Valley for its comfortable lifestyle. You get to live close to the beach, the weather is nearly always beautiful, the schools are great, and the neighbors are friendly.

You have fun, sunshine, and family time always available, but you also have a career. In short, you’re busy. You may want to focus on home improvement projects, but you just can’t make the time. Or, you may not want to tackle those projects on your own, but your household to-do list is constantly looming over you.

First Coast Home Pros can help. Just text (904) 712-2674 or call (904) 383-7721 and we’ll have a trusted handyman there in a flash.

Your Time Is Valuable

You work hard. You want to be able to have the time to enjoy your home and the life you’ve built. When you’ve got an increasingly long to-do list filled with household tasks, it’s tough to focus on career, family, and life.

Some of our clients really want to be weekend home warriors, but just don’t have the time. Others don’t have the background or skill set. They lack the time to learn and don’t have the desire to experiment on their home, just in case something goes wrong. Still, others have no desire to take on these home tasks but just aren’t sure how else to get them done.

Your time is valuable, so we work hard to give your time back to you. We help you turn, “I was going to get around to that,” to “job done,” with no effort on your part. You get to sit back and fully enjoy your home.

Your Home Is Valuable

Our homes are a source of pride. But when you’re unable to get to the home repair tasks on your to-do list, the list gets longer, the jobs remain unfinished, and the house can start falling into disrepair. When you take care of small projects early, they are less likely to become big emergencies.

Your neighbors also tend to notice and become concerned when obvious outdoor tasks are not being completed. A well-cared-for home maintains and grows in value.

How to Successfully Work with a Handyman

Working with a trusted handyman in Jacksonville, FL, can enhance your home and give you back your time. Instead of feeling like you’re “admitting defeat,” you’re adding a member to your team to complement what you are able to do and free you up to focus on what you love.

Share Your Entire To-Do List

You may think you just need a handyman to install crown molding or create a custom shelving storage solution, but we encourage you to share your full list of household repair and maintenance tasks with us when you call. You may be surprised how we can help and how many items we can check off your list!

Maintain Focus and Plan Ahead

When you know what your handyman is coming over to work on, don’t change the plans at the last minute or in the middle of the job. This pulls focus away from completing the job we were initially going to do. It can also make everything take longer as we may need additional trips and materials.

If you change your mind about something while your handyman is mid-job, it may mean a complete restart. That adds to the length and cost of the project.

Listen to Your Teammate

Your handyman is a member of your team, he or she is working hard to ensure your home is in top shape and in good repair. A handyman will always put your needs and wants front and center, but we are not able to sacrifice home or job site safety.

If you have an idea and your handyman explains that it’s unlikely to be feasible for your space, listen to and carefully consider the alternative ideas proposed. Our job is not to make our own jobs easier, but to safely bring the best craftsmanship possible to your home.

Focus on the Big Picture and Detail Work

When you work with First Coast Home Pros, no job is too big or too small. But we encourage you to think both big and small.

Some big projects we can tackle include:

  • Wood repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Gutter repair
  • Fence repair
  • Wood floor installation and repair
  • Tile installation and repair
  • Custom storage, shelving, and bookcases
  • Garage organization and storage
  • Certain energy-efficient upgrades

Some of the detail work we take on includes:

  • Finish carpentry
  • Shutter installation
  • Kitchen and bath caulking, waterproofing, and fixing leaks
  • Crown molding and wainscoting repair and installation
  • Installing doors, doorknobs, and locks
  • Sealing and weather stripping
  • Electronics and technology wall mounting services
  • Picture and mirror hanging services

Our trained craftsmen start with the big picture and work all the way down to the smallest details.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Handyman Services

Call First Coast Home Pros at (904) 383-7721, text (904) 712-2674 or fill out the form. Busy working families don’t have the time to take care of home repairs, people with physical limitations may not be able to. And some people just don’t want to tackle these projects on their own.