If you need a screened enclosure rescreening in Palm Valley, Florida, then you’ve stumbled onto the right webpage!

At First Coast Home Pros, we have a variety of rescreening materials available for a variety of screens – and we know how to use them. We are proud to offer the kind of white-glove service you deserve at an affordable price you’d never expect.

Plus, with First Coast Home Pros, who you hire is who you get. We never use subcontractors to perform the work we are perfectly capable of performing ourselves.

We are prompt and arrive when we say we will. We never rush our jobs, and we only use the best equipment and tools for the job. We’re here to hang your screens, not leave you hanging. If your screened enclosure is due for a rescreening, give us a call at (904) 383-7721 to schedule a time for a free quote.

Rescreening Services We Offer

We can repair and replace all kinds of screens and panels. We rescreen screened enclosures and can even build and rebuild window screens.

Many folks call us in an attempt to get a price quote over the phone for their job. However, due to the precise nature of most rescreening jobs, we can’t even guess at the cost until we come by to take a look at what you’re working with.

During your appointment for your free price quote, you can review a wide variety of the samples of our rescreening materials that we bring with us, including pet, solar, and insect screens. You may decide to change what you already have for something a little more jazzed up. For example, if you have standard screens, you may not have been aware of insect screens and may now be interested in an upgrade.

We repair and replace everything from window and pool enclosure screens to screened-in porch screens and even lanai screens. We carry Phifer® and New York Wire® products in a range of mesh sizes. We are also skilled at replacing damaged door parts, including kickplates, as well as screen corners and frames. Believe it when we say we truly do it all!

Always Safe

You never have to worry about our guys getting hurt while on the job at your home. In fact, our rescreening procedure is a bit different from that of the competition. What we do is build and screen the ceiling first, then install the whole thing as one solid piece.

We also know better than to walk out onto an enclosure while replacing ceiling panels. We’re aware of the fact that the framework may need some work, which can put our technicians’ safety and the fate of your property in danger. Just in case, we also provide our technicians with a full workers’ compensation package, including general liability insurance.

In reality, this is just precautionary and nothing more. That’s because we use only the safest high-quality equipment on our jobs, like telescoping A-frame ladders, quality extension ladders, and walkboards. These tools enable us to reach the tallest peaks while still staying safe. When we can reach every area of your home, we can do a more thorough job than those other guys, who may not even attempt the risk if they don’t have the insurance to back them up.

We Value Your Time

There’s nothing worse than waiting for a repairperson who doesn’t show up when they say they will. At First Coast Home Pros, we work around your schedule to develop ours. We don’t make an appointment unless we plan to keep it.

This is one of the reasons that we schedule a consultation with you before your date of service. During your consultation, we take all the measurements necessary to properly assess what you need and the size of the materials we’ll need to bring.

If we know what to do and how to do it before we arrive for your service appointment, this helps us make and keep a schedule. It also helps us provide service quicker and more efficiently, without sacrificing quality.

If You’re Looking to Have Your Screened Enclosure Rescreened, Call First Coast Home Pros!

At First Coast Home Pros, we have the experience necessary to build and rebuild, screen and rescreen, and repair and replace windows and doors of all types… and their accessories. We use the best tools and the safest equipment to give you the high-quality service you expect, and at a price you can afford.

We also offer all our customers a one-week, 100% satisfaction guarantee (apart from normal use) to give you enough time to assess our work. If you’re unhappy for any reason, tell us right away, and we’ll make it right.

Give us a call today at (904) 383-7721 or send us an email at service@firstcoasthomepros.com, and let’s fix that broken screen!