Does your area rug have stains or look dirty? Does the carpet look dull and unattractive? If so, you need a top-quality area rug cleaning service in Ponte Vedra Beach to restore it to its former glory. The cleaning professionals at First Coast Home Pros can help you. 

We use the best cleaning methods and agents for your rugs. So you can be sure that when we wash them, your rugs will be spotless and germ-free, and their beauty will be restored. Area rugs don’t get as much love as they deserve. Yet, like frontline healthcare workers, they play a crucial role in defending our homes against dirt, diseases, and pollutants. 

They are usually placed in highly trafficked areas in the home, so they collect and trap a lot of potentially harmful things. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to their area rugs that much –to the detriment of their health and house. Cleaning yours is a great decision, and your family, indoor air, and health will thank you for it. 

Things to Look For When Hiring an Area Rug Cleaning Agency in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

It’s easy to do a quick search for Ponte Vedra Beach rug cleaners on Google. But how do you know that you’re choosing the right one? Can you accurately determine their capacities by just looking at pictures? 

No, you can’t –not if you want your carpet cleaned right. So, how can you tell if you’re hiring the right area rug cleaner in St. Johns County? Here are a few tips that will help. 

Attention to Details

So, what kind of rug do you have? What’s the material made from? Did you know that if you machine wash an oriental or antique rug, you’re likely to cause irreversible damage that will cause the rug to age faster? That’s the truth. 

Yet, some cleaning companies don’t factor all these into their service. They use the same harsh cleaning agents for all rugs. That’s wrong. You want a rug cleaning service that pays attention to the little details. We’re talking about the feel of the rug, its age, how it was manufactured – hand woven or machine crafted, and the delicateness of the rug. We pay attention to all these and other things.

Speedy Service

Washing your area rug shouldn’t take a lot of time. Sure, you want the cleaning company to do a thorough job. But that doesn’t mean that it should take excessively long. You want a service that cleans well and fast too. We do that very well and our customers are very satisfied. 

Specialty in Your Rug Type

If you drive, then you know that it’s better to have your car fixed by an auto shop that specializes in your vehicle model. The same applies here. If you own an oriental area rug, you want an oriental rug cleaning service in Ponte Vedra Beach that specializes in that kind of rug. This way, you know that your rugs will be in good hands and will be gently and meticulously cleaned.

Understand Your Rug

Speaking of meticulous handling, you want a carpet cleaning agency that understands the value and importance of your rug to you. At First Coast Home Pros, our cleaning technicians completely understand this and are trained to treat the rug very delicately and gently. 

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process

At First Coast Home Pros, we have a rug cleaning process that not only leaves them spotless but restores them to the best state possible. Our process is as follows:

  • Assessing the state of your rug during the first call or contact
  • Testing the rug’s fibers so that we can determine the best cleaning method to use
  • Start the cleaning process with non-harsh cleaning agents–we usually go over them multiple times to get all the gunk out
  • Focus on the removal of all spots and stains
  • Deodorize the rug so it smells fresh and clean
  • We vacuum, steam clean and get it to the driest possible state
  • Go over the rug to remove all cleaning residue and extract all dirt from the roots of the rug’s fiber
  • Allow the rug to dry and/or reinstall in the home 

Because of our powerful modern cleaning technology, you can have your rug washed and ready for use in hours, instead of days. 

Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Area Rug Frequently in Florida

Most people value and like their area rugs, but they don’t care for these rugs as much as they should. Yet, chances are that they take great care in picking out these rugs for their homes. 

In fact, some rugs, particularly those of Persian and oriental origin, are bought with the intention of passing them on to the next generation. If you’re not cleaning your rugs at least twice a year, you could be damaging those rugs and shortening their utility. Cleaning your rugs has many benefits:

  • Reduces dirt, grime, filth, germs, pet dander, pollutants, and allergens in your home
  • Livens up the rug and restores it to its original beauty
  • Improves your health and that of your loved ones
  • A clean rug adds more beauty and complements your home’s aesthetics
  • Increases your indoor air quality
  • Great for getting rid of hidden bugs, dust mites – this study shows how steam cleaning can kill off dust mites – beetles, other pests, and their eggs or larva
  • Helps reduce mold in the house

Hire an Experienced Ponte Vedra Beach Area Rug Cleaning Service

You won’t find a better area rug cleaning agency in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Our carpet cleaners are IICRC-Certified and use only the best cleaning techniques in the industry. We work hard. We work fast. We clean your rug with absolute care and ensure that it’s in great condition when you get it back. 

Contact us today for a free estimate or to schedule a visit.