Leather furniture is durable, timeless, and sophisticated, adding a classy look to any room. Leather matches beautifully to almost any home or office decor. With proper care, leather furniture can look brand new for years, even after constant use. 

Unlike furniture made from other materials, leather is heavy-duty and, with proper care, can last up to four times longer than furniture made from nylon, polyester, or faux leather. Leather furniture can be easy to clean and should be done often. Regular Ponte Vedra cleaning and home improvement services guarantee that your quality leather furniture will last decades. 

Daily use of any furniture can wear down the material over time, and leather is no exception. Unavoidably, leather starts to lose its natural oils, collects dirt and grime, and begins to appear dull. Fortunately, with professional leather cleaning services from First Coast Home Pros, you can preserve the beautiful look and feel of your leather furniture for many years.

Why do I Need a Professional Leather Cleaner?

Regular spot cleaning and inspection of your leather furniture should be done. While it is possible to clean your own furniture, you cannot guarantee that the cleaning material you use will be great for the leather. Our professionals only use the best leather and carpet cleaning solutions for your furniture.

When properly cleaned by someone knowledgeable in leather needs, your furniture will continue to look brand new. Knowing which type of leather your furniture is made from is incredibly important before cleaning. Otherwise, more harm than good can occur. Our cleaning technicians use proper techniques to ensure your leather is cared for in the best possible way.

In addition to properly recognizing the type of leather and using a commercial-grade leather cleaner, we offer a one-week satisfaction guarantee. If you feel our work has not been done properly, just let us know. There is no guarantee when you attempt leather cleaning on your own, so professional leather cleaning is the sensible choice.

Types of Leather Furniture Cleaned by First Coast Home Pros

Our professional Ponte Vedra leather cleaning services cover a variety of leather furniture. Whether you have one piece or many pieces of leather furniture needing to be cleaned, our team is ready to help. We treat the following types of leather furniture using only professional-grade leather cleaner to help extend the longevity of the material while helping to maintain the original appearance of the furniture:

  • Sofas 
  • Loveseats 
  • Accent Chairs
  • Sectional Sofas
  • Ottomans
  • Settees
  • Office chairs 
  • Armchairs

From leather chairs and ottomans to couches, our team has the expertise to professionally care for your leather investments. Contact us today to schedule your leather cleaning services so you can continue to enjoy the comfort of your leather furniture for longer. Let our professional leather cleaners keep your leather looking luxurious and healthy for years to come.

Cleaning Process for Leather Furniture

We never jump in and begin cleaning without having a good baseline for your furniture’s condition and needs. Leather furniture has very specific needs that should always be considered before cleaning. Our professional team of leather cleaning technicians will never skip a step to speed up the process.

Inspect and Identify Leather

The first and most important step to properly care for leather couches is to identify and inspect them. Our technicians will never proceed with cleaning before they have taken the time to fully inspect and identify the leather’s unique qualities. We are professionally trained to identify and assess the many types of leather, including aniline leather, nubuck leather, pigmented leather, and suede leather. Our team can also inspect automotive leather.

Determine Proper Cleaning Method

Prior to beginning cleaning your leather furniture, we will test the leather to determine which cleaning method should be applied. Our team ensures that if you have any problems concerning your leather, they are properly addressed. We will then use specific leather cleaners based on the identification of your leather furniture type.

Condition Leather for Oil Replenishment 

After gently removing any dirt particles and pollutants, our technician preps the furniture for conditioning. Conditioning helps the leather to stay soft and supple by replenishing lost natural oils. Conditioning helps leather furniture last longer.

Protecting and Shielding Leather 

After properly conditioning leather furniture, the last step, which is optional, is to apply a protectant to the material. Applying a protector helps fill cracks that would typically collect soil. Adding a layer of protection provides a defense against everyday soil and damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions often come up in discussions with our customers. These questions should give some clarity on leather care and cleaning. We are always happy to better explain questions in more detail when you contact us for a free estimate.

How Often Should I Clean My Leather Furniture?

Regularly inspecting your leather furniture for soiled areas or rips and tears is important. If you see soiled areas, they should be wiped up right away. Ignoring dirt or spills on the leather could create damage.

If your furniture is used regularly, we recommend having the leather professionally cleaned every 6-12 months. If your furniture sees high traffic, it may be best to have it cleaned every three months. Adding a furniture protector during cleanings will help better protect the leather between cleanings.

What Causes Leather to Deteriorate?

Leather is one of the longest-lasting materials used in furniture making. Despite this fact, leather furniture can still become damaged over time. Some of the causes of leather deterioration include:

  • Body hair and hand oils
  • Atmospheric oils such as dust and cooking oils
  • Sand and dirt
  • Plant fibers 
  • Newspaper ink
  • Denim ink 
  • Pen or marker ink

Professional Leather Cleaning in Ponte Vedra

You have made the choice to invest in beautiful, long-lasting furniture, so be sure you take care of it so it stays that way for years to come. Our professional team of technicians will ensure your leather is cleaned and protected and that you are fully satisfied with our work. Contact First Coast Home Pros today through our quick contact form or by phone for a free estimate and to discuss how we can service your leather furniture.