Hiring someone to clean your air ducts requires a great deal of trust. You may have seen “bargain basement” pricing ads, frightening sales tactics that make unsubstantiated claims about fake mold inspections, and coupons promising quick appointments in exchange for cash.

Air duct cleaning is a necessary service and experts recommend having your ductwork professionally cleaned every five to 10 years. But you need to be confident that the company you work with is trustworthy, honest, and gets real results.

First Coast Home Pros is local to the St. Augustine area. We are not a franchise and our technicians are all fully insured and highly qualified. You can call (904) 383-7721 or text (904) 712-2674 to get a free estimate or schedule your air duct cleaning service.

How to Ensure Your Air Ducts Are Cleaned Correctly

Many disreputable companies don’t even use the correct equipment and can’t tell you how ductwork is even cleaned. Proper air duct cleaning cannot be accomplished in 15 minutes for $49. These companies may use buzzwords and confusing marketing language, but if you educate yourself in advance, you’ll be able to spot frauds.

When First Coast Home Pros cleans your air ducts, here’s what we do:

  • We use the patented Rotobrush system to clean all supply and return ducts
  • We also use the Rotobrush system to clean the main trunk
  • We wash all vent covers
  • We topically clean the air handler
  • We inspect your entire system for leaky air ducts. If there are minor leaks, we note them and seal them. If we find major air duct leakage or damage, we can recommend trusted professionals who can repair the problems.
  • On request, we can sanitize your system with an anti-microbial mist

Negative Air Versus Rotary Brush

If you’re unsure if a service is truly professional and knowledgeable, ask them where they stand on negative air versus the rotary brush approach.

The homes in St. Augustine typically utilize flexible, softer ductwork that often does not go in a straight line. Negative air cleaning is designed for metal, fixed ducts, especially for those found in commercial buildings. That’s why we use the rotary brush and vacuum approach. We have found that the tools are more effective in the specific ductwork we work with and pose far less risk of damage to duct lining.

The Rotobrush aiR+ professional air duct cleaning equipment we use is specially designed to handle flexible, bending ducts typically found in the St. Augustine area and across the south. We insert the rotating brush into the duct and, with speeds reaching up to 450 rpm, we loosen any dirt, dust, and debris stuck inside. While the brush is scrubbing, a powerful professional vacuum system draws in the debris. You get clean air ducts.

Signs You Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned

If you can’t remember if or when you had your air ducts cleaned, it’s likely time to schedule professional cleaning services. While you can’t see inside your ducts to know what is hiding in there, there are some signs that indicate your air ducts should be cleaned.

  • Mold growth in multiple areas of your home. Visible mold growth, particularly in humid areas such as St. Augustine, can also be a sign that there’s mold you can’t see, such as in your air ducts
  • You have an insect or rodent infestation. Bugs and rodents love to hide away where homeowners can’t see them. If you know you have an issue (or have had one in the past), the ductwork can be an ideal hiding spot for droppings and dander
  • No matter how often you wipe, spray, and clean, your home is always dusty. Also, if you have visible dust coming from vents or clinging to vent or air return covers, the problem may be coming from inside the vents
  • You recently completed home construction or renovation projects. No matter how well your crew cleaned up after themselves, major home projects always leave a great deal of dust behind, including inside the air ducts

If you value a clean home with clean indoor air, air duct cleaning is an important piece. While we typically recommend having air ducts cleaned every five to 10 years, you may need to have your ductwork cleaned more often in special circumstances, such as if:

  • Someone you live with has allergies, asthma, or other lung or breathing conditions
  • You have multiple pets
  • Someone in the home smokes indoors
  • You’ve recently completed a home construction or renovation project

How to Know if Your Air Duct Cleaning was Successful

If you couldn’t see the buildup of dust and dirt in your ductwork before your cleaning, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a good view inside post-cleaning. That’s why First Coast Home Pros uses specialized camera equipment. Not only can you see inside your ductwork before and during your air duct cleaning, you get a good view of the job upon completion.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning for Your St. Augustine Home Today

Text (904) 712-2674 or call (904) 383-7721 now to get a free estimate from First Coast Home Pros. We can do a visual inspection and let you know approximately how much an air duct cleaning for your home will cost. We can schedule your service and, once we’re done, we even leave your home exactly how we found it. We never leave a mess behind.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our air duct cleaning service and give you plenty of time to ensure you’re happy with the job we’ve done. We appreciate you placing your trust in First Coast Home Pros. We will work hard to ensure your home has healthier, cleaner air after our air duct cleaning service.