Area rugs are great for making your home comfortable and quiet. They also add to the beauty of your home. So, when they become dirty, they can look gross. Dirty area rugs don’t do anyone any good. If anything, they deface your home and subtract from the beauty of the space. 

But when properly maintained, they can last for a long time. Smart homeowners know this, which is why they invest in quality area rugs. But it’s not enough to just buy a quality rug. You have to clean it frequently, so it maintains its beauty. And if you care for them properly, it is possible to hand them down to the next generation. 

At First Coast Home Pros, our St. Augustine area rug cleaning service is dedicated to transforming dirty rugs into clean ones. And even when the rug is new, our cleaning service will ensure that it continues to look new for years to come.

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process in St. Augustine, FL

Whether it’s a standard area rug, an oriental hand-woven rug, or a traditional Persian rug, we understand their importance and always wash them in the best way possible. 

At First Coast Home Pros, we have a unique and effective rug-washing process that cleans out all the dirt and grime in your rugs and keeps it looking as new as the day you bought them. This process includes:

The Use of Mild Chemicals

Many cleaning services in Florida believe in the brute-force approach when cleaning rugs. They bombard the rugs with harsh chemicals in the hopes that the harsher the chemical, the more likely it’ll clean the rugs. What they don’t know is that even though it cleans out the dirt, it does nothing for the longevity and integrity of the carpet.

If you’ve ever had your carpet cleaned and there was a strong chemical smell afterward, please note that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the rug is super-clean. It just means that your carpet was given a harsh chemical treatment. 

But, with the advent of new eco-friendly and efficient cleaning compounds, it is possible to have a thoroughly cleaned carpet without damaging your rug.

At First Coast Home Pros, our area rug cleaning service in St. Augustine, FL, uses these gentler but effective cleaning agents to eliminate all the dirt in your rugs. This way, you, your loved ones, and your pets will have a healthier space to occupy.

The Heating Process

We use the perfect amount of heating to further kill off all microorganisms and clean out your home of disease carriers or vectors. With the use of our heating equipment, we’ll further sanitize your home safely. 

Gentle Rug Agitation

Some St. Augustine rug cleaning services tend to use too much or too little agitation to further deep-clean your rug. But with us, we have mastered the art of gentle agitation that doesn’t degrade your rugs quickly or leave chemicals in the rugs for long periods. 

Instead, the process ensures that your rugs are thoroughly cleaned, leaving minimal chemical traces, and ensuring that you’ll continue to use the rugs for a long time to come.

Efficient Timing

Because rug cleaners in St. Augustine, FL, often bill by the hour, it’s not unusual for some to try to extend the number of hours for a project. This is bad behavior as far as we’re concerned, and we don’t condone it. 

Our cleaning professionals are known for taking only the time necessary to get the job done. If it takes just 45 minutes to clean a rug, that’s how much time it’ll take. We understand that your rugs are important to you. This is why our rug cleaning professionals in St. Augustine are careful, attentive, and committed to making sure that your rug looks as great as it can possibly be.

When Should You Have Your Area Rug Cleaned in Florida?

That depends on your preferences, really. Ideally, you should have it cleaned at least once every quarter. Better still, just do it at the end of every season. So, that’s about four times a year. But at the very least, clean your rugs once a year. 

This will not only improve the quality and longevity of the rug, but it’ll also keep your home cleaner and healthier. Even if you feel like you’re not at home often, it’s still important to do this. If you’ve ever traveled for a while, you know that you have to clean every time you get back because of the layer of dust. Why is this necessary even when the windows and doors are tightly closed? Well, we’ll never know.  

What we do know is even when a house is cleaned, there’s usually dirt on the rug or floor a few hours later. And since rugs are made from materials that trap dust and dander, it’s best to completely rid them of those. This way, we can get and remove the dirt and dander that you may have missed. 

Benefits of Cleaning Your Area Rug Frequently

Studies have shown that compared to bare floors, rugs trap more dust, dander, and microorganisms. So, apart from making sure that the home is clean, frequent rug cleaning in St. Augustine will eliminate pet dander and dust mites which are allergens and trigger allergic reactions. 

Also, all microorganisms that are on the carpet will be killed off by a combination of safe chemical application, heat, and agitation. This means that the rugs will be a safer place for your kids to lie down and play on. 

Clean rugs also improve indoor air quality as it means that there will be fewer pollutants and allergens in the home. This means that you and your loved ones are likely to enjoy better health because of the reduced exposure to allergens, pollutants, and harmful microbes. 

Hire Our St. Augustine, FL Area Rug Cleaning Service

At First Coast Home Pros, our St. Augustine, FL, area rug cleaning service is dedicated to keeping your home’s interior super clean. All our cleaning technicians are adequately trained, professional, and skilled at making sure your rug is dirt and germ-free. 

We are insured, bonded, licensed, and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and are certified residential contractors in Florida. So, you are getting expertly trained cleaning professionals in St. Augustine, FL, who will do a great job of cleaning your area rugs.

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