Are you looking for the best professional chandelier cleaning service in St. Augustine? You’ve found the best. First Coast Home Pros, based in Jacksonville, Florida, has more than ten years of professional cleaning experience. 

Enjoy excellent chandelier cleaning with peace of mind knowing your chandelier is in the hands of professionals.

What Is the Best Method for Cleaning Chandeliers?

Our technicians use the “glass-off “technique when cleaning chandeliers. This method involves:

  • Taking a photo of the crystal arrangement
  • Switching off power and unplugging power cables
  • Switching on alternative light sources
  • Removing the crystals and bulbs
  • Cleaning the crystal holders and the chandelier frame
  • Cleaning the crystals with the right cleaning mixture
  • Drying the crystals using a dry and soft cloth
  • Fitting the crystals back on the chandelier in the original arrangement pattern

The Glass-Off technique is a deep cleaning method that gives your chandelier a new lease to shine brightly again.

Why We Use the Glass-Off Method

At First Coast Home Pros, we are committed to our client’s satisfaction with all the services we provide. We, therefore, always use this method as it yields the best cleaning results for chandeliers unless a client specifies otherwise.

Other cleaning methods focus on cleaning the chandelier crystals and neglecting the chandelier frame. This goes against our principle of delivering the best cleaning services to our clients, and it’s why we use the Glass-Off method since it can guarantee a thorough cleaning of our client’s chandeliers.

Benefits of Professional Chandelier Cleaning Services

Chandeliers are highly fragile, and they have to be handled with care when cleaning. While it’s possible to clean chandeliers on your own, there are some benefits you can expect when using professional chandelier cleaning services:

Enhanced Chandelier Cleaning

First Coast Home Pros technicians are well trained and experienced in cleaning all types of chandeliers. They know how to disassemble chandeliers and clean both the frame and the crystals to ensure your chandelier shines as bright as new.

Our technicians also gently dry each crystal by hand while wearing dry gloves to avoid scratching the crystals and prevent stains from forming on the crystals.

Transferred Risk

When you hire us, we risk injury or loss that you would have had to face if, unfortunately, you fell while cleaning the chandelier or the chandelier gets damaged in the process.

First Coast Home Pros has two million dollars in worker compensation and general liability insurance. You can rest easy, knowing we’ll compensate you for any damage to your chandelier while our technicians are cleaning it. Similarly, if any of our technicians is injured while cleaning your chandelier, our worker compensation insurance will cover liability payments to the injured worker.

Improved Lighting and Aesthetics

Our technicians are well equipped and trained to clean your chandelier thoroughly. We guarantee that your chandelier will be shining like new when our technicians are done cleaning.

Increased Durability

Like any other fixture or equipment, chandeliers require regular maintenance to remain in good condition and add to their lifespan.

First Coast Home Pros technicians ensure all our client’s chandeliers are extensively cleaned. Our experts are gentle with all chandeliers to forestall any damage to the crystals and to guarantee an extended useful life for the chandeliers.


Some professional chandelier cleaning companies maintain relationships with their clients, keeping an open channel for clients to reach out with any concerns or needs they may have.

At First Coast Home Pros, all clients become family, and our technicians help move any of our client’s standard-sized equipment/furniture for free. 

Guaranteed Home Security

Allowing strangers into your home is always tricky. There’s no way of telling if they’re criminals or not or if they’ll pass on details about your home to criminals. Worst of all, some cleaning companies use outsourced cleaning technicians, and they may not have records on whoever they send to clients’ homes.

We get it, and at First Coast Home Pros, we take this matter seriously. To guarantee the security of our clients and their homes, we only use an in-house team of technicians in all our cleaning services, including chandelier cleaning. We also vet all technicians before they start working with us.

You can be assured of your home’s safety. 

Professional Chandelier Cleaning Cost

You’ve probably experienced underhanded pricing tactics that left you paying for more than you agreed on. We have no place for such predatory practices.

Our pricing for chandelier cleaning varies depending on the work necessary to bring your chandelier back to its original shine. We offer free cost estimates to all our clients after our technician inspects the chandeliers to be cleaned. You can be assured you’ll only pay the estimated amount.

What Is Included in First Coast Home Pros Chandelier Cleaning Service?

Effective chandelier cleaning involves the best cleaning method, handling by trained professionals, and the right tools. At First Coast Home Pros, we’re privileged to have all three, and we do everything we can to ensure our cleaning standards improve each day. 

Our chandelier cleaning service includes:

  • Success guarantee
  • Transparent pricing
  • Loss and liability insurance
  • Top of the line chandelier cleaning tools
  • IICRC certified technicians

First Coast Home Pros is the best chandelier cleaning company in St. Augustine. We don’t mean to brag, but the many reviews left by our clients support this. Feel free to ask some of our clients for references on our stellar service.

Get the Best Chandelier Cleaning Service

For more than ten years in the business, we’ve made it our goal to make sure all our clients are happy with our cleaning services. First Coast Home Pros has consistently delivered exceptional cleaning services to Jacksonville, FL, clients. We’ll always provide the best-trained cleaning experts to ensure our clients are happy because they deserve it.

Contact us today to learn more about our chandelier services or schedule an appointment with our experts. Try our chandelier cleaning services today!