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Is Drapery the Same as Curtains?

Yes, but not exactly. Drapery refers to window coverings of heavy fabric that flow or drape down to the floor. The main difference between curtains and drapes is the lining fabric which, combined with the heavy top fabric, allows drapes to block out light completely.

Although curtains can be made of nearly any fabric, drapery is generally made of heavy, luxurious fabrics that drape well. Common drapery fabrics include:

  • Suede
  • Velvet
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Tapestry
  • Poplin
  • Brocade

Benefits of Draperies

Many people choose draperies over simple curtains because of their benefits.

  • They completely block outside light, making them ideal for anybody who works at night or likes to sleep late. 
  • They insulate windows. If you notice drafts of cold or hot air coming in around your windows, heavy-duty drapes provide a layer of insulation that keeps the elements out and keeps your home comfortable year-round.
  • Provide complete privacy.

Drapery Drawbacks

Of course, every solution has its drawbacks. These are some of the drawbacks of using drapery on your windows.

  • The heavy, often coarse fabric acts like an air filter collecting dust and other particles from the air.
  • The dust build-up that accumulates on your draperies can make them appear dingy.
  • Improper cleaning of the luxurious, often expensive fabrics can break down the fibers ruining the draperies.

How Often Do Draperies Need Cleaning?

We advise that draperies are cleaned every 12 to 24 months, but the actual time can vary quite dramatically. Several factors can affect the need for drapery cleaning.


Where you live will affect how often your draperies will need to be cleaned. This is because much of the build-up on draperies is a mixture of dust, dirt, dander, pollen, and other allergens floating around in the air. The more there are where you live, the more there will be on your draperies.

Smokers in the Home

If you or someone else in your home smokes regularly, you should know that the chemicals in cigarette smoke combine with the dust to create a film on your draperies that is especially difficult to remove. This film is sticky and makes vacuuming the draperies impossible.

Pets in the Home

Pets add hair to the list of debris that can collect on your draperies. The impact your pets have on the need to have draperies cleaned will depend on the pet as different types and varieties shed differently.

Family Members and Their Allergies

When you have family members with allergies or who have respiratory problems, the air quality in your home becomes an even bigger concern. Accumulation of allergens, pollen, dust, and other air particles can be inflammatory, especially when respiratory difficulties are already an issue.

Why Professional Cleaning Is Important

Our specially trained professionals know the proper methods of identifying the fabric that needs to be cleaned so that they can use the right tools and cleaners for the job. This is especially important for drapery fabrics which tend to have highly specific cleaning instructions. Failure to follow the cleaning instructions for your fabric can result in one or all of the following damages.

  • Shrinkage
  • Fading
  • Bleeding
  • Warping
  • Water damage
  • Holes
  • Tears 
  • Abrasion marks

Odors Fabric Fresheners Cannot Hide

Odors in your home, both pleasant and unpleasant are absorbed by your drapery. When all of these odors build up and combine they become noticeable. Moisture that comes in through windows can also cause a musty or mildew odor.

While fabric fresheners can help short-term, the scent will quickly absorb into the fabric and blend with the other odors making the fabric freshener useless. Only proper cleaning will return your drapery to freshness.

Drapery Cleaning Choices

At First Coast Home Pros, we want to personalize your cleaning services to your needs. That is why we offer different options that you can choose from; options include:

  • On-site cleaning- We can clean your drapery without ever taking it down. Our cleaning products and equipment are safe for use in your home, and your privacy is not interrupted.
  • Off-site cleaning- We can take the drapery to our facility to be cleaned and return them. This can be handled as a pick-up and delivery or include our professionals taking them down and putting them back up after cleaning.

Drapery Cleaning Techniques

Our teams have the equipment and the ability to use a wet cleaning or dry cleaning technique based on the type of drapery fabric being cleaned. The wet technique involves steam cleaning the fabric using the highest quality cleaners explicitly rated for your material. The dry technique involves a specially formulated dry cleaning foam specifically intended for use on your fabric.

Next, our teams use high-pressure extraction equipment to ensure that there is no moisture or cleaner left behind to damage your drapery. We also ensure no damage to your property from wet drapery rubbing or bleeding on window frames or walls. Just in case there is anything we missed, our guarantee allows you a whole week to contact us with any issues you might have, and we will do everything we can to make things right.

First Coast Home Pros Offer Drapery Cleaning Services to Meet Your Needs

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