Every time you dry your clothes, tiny bits of them get knocked off from the heat and the beating. These lint bits get caught in your lint filter, but the filter doesn’t catch them all. Over time, lint can build up in your dryer vent.

This buildup is dangerous and needs to be cleaned out at least once a year. Our customers rate highly first Coast Home Pros’ dryer vent cleaning service in St. Augustine. It’s easier and cleaner than doing it yourself, and you’ll know it’s done right.

Signs of a Clogging Dryer Vent

There are some telltale signs that something is clogging up your dryer vent. They should not be ignored because they’re dangerous to your home. One common cause of house fires is a clogged dryer vent. Here’s what to look for.

Changes in Dryer Behavior

One of the early signs is when your clothing takes longer to dry. Dryers use hot air to pull moisture out of your clothes and move it outside. If the outlet is clogging up, the dryer has to work harder to remove moisture.

Another sign is if your clothes are hotter than expected when you pull them out. Some dryers will turn up the heat if they detect too much moisture, leading to clothes that are heated too much. This is bad on your clothes and on your vent system.

Both symptoms will increase wear-and-tear on your clothing and increase your energy bill. By using our dryer vent cleaning service once a year, you can make up the extra cost you’d pay in energy and clothing bills.

Funny Smells

If you ever think you smell something burning or cooking in the laundry room, stop your dryer and clean the vent immediately. House fires from dryer vents start because the built-up lint traps enough heat to make the lint smolder. 

Try this experiment. Take a bit of dryer lint outside and put it on some concrete, then light it with a barbecue lighter. See how fast it ignites? That’s what will happen to your house if you don’t clean out your vent regularly!

If you’re a renter or if you just bought a home in St. Augustine, it’s a good idea to get a vent cleaning service as soon as possible. Too many people forget to clean their vents and it causes thousands of house fires each year in the United States.

How the Process Works

It’s a simple process, but you need the right tools to do a professional cleaning. A dryer vent is a long, flexible tube that runs from your dryer into your wall and out to a vent. That whole passage needs to be swept and vacuumed to remove the lint buildup.

We use special brushes and vacuum cleaners to do the job quickly and thoroughly. Most dryer vent cleaning sessions take less than an hour to finish. We’ll also take time to inspect your vent system for any hidden problems that could reduce efficiency or cause problems later, like cracking.

Keeping Your Vent Clean Between Visits

The most important thing you can do is to use your lint filter every time you use the dryer and clean it out between loads. Running a dryer without a filter will quickly cause lint buildup throughout your duct and put you at risk for a house fire.

It’s also good to wash your filter once a quarter, especially if you use dryer sheets. These sheets can leave a residue on your filter that shrinks the holes and reduces its effectiveness. Also, use your hose attachment on your vacuum to suck out the lint filter compartment once a month.

Clean Dryer Vents Save Your House

Hiring First Coast Home Pros to clean your dryer vents is simple and fast, and it could save your house. If you live in St. Augustine, call us at the number on your screen or use our contact form to make an appointment.