Tile floors are beautiful and easy to clean. The grout lines between them aren’t so easy. Cleaning grout is important to keep your floor clean and your home healthy, but it’s also easy to damage. Damaged grout can let water down between the tiles and ruin your subfloor.

Before you go get a DIY grout cleaner, check in with our team at First Coast Home Pros for a tile and grout cleaning service in St. Augustine. We have the tools and experience to clean your grout without ruining the integrity and without leaving stains behind.

Why Is Grout Hard to Clean?

Grout is a mix of sand, cement, and water that holds tiles in place and forms a protective barrier against water infiltration. However, over repeated washings, the sand in the grout can get knocked loose and create holes. This porousness also traps dirt and makes the lines hard to clean.

That dirt can also weaken the grout seal over time, create slippery surfaces, and provide a place for bacteria to breed. Plus, it looks ugly! Yet if you clean it yourself without knowledge of how to do it right, you’ll get the dirt out and leave weak grout behind.

Weak grout lets water in under your tiles, makes your tiles loose, and will eventually wreck your floor. Also, weak grout or unsealed grout will make dirt collect in the cracks much faster when you mop or sweep. It’s a vicious cycle, unless you turn to a professional.

Three Steps to Tile and Grout Cleaning

There are three stages to do the job right. The first is to do a deep clean of the tile and grout using safe chemicals and methods to avoid damage. Cleaning grout is not a matter of pressure and hot water, but through the use of specific chemicals that draw out the dirt.

The next stage, if you have very dirty grout or tiles, is recoloring and restoration. This is a combination of a sealant and a colorant to make the lines of grout and the tiles all match. We like to use ColorClad Color Seal, which comes in every color you need. In fact, we can even recolor all your grout lines after your cleaning to give your room a whole new look!

Lastly, we apply a sealant to the lines to make a barrier between dirt and the delicate grout. This sealant will give you more time to clean up messes before they seep down into the grout, even liquid ones. This will preserve the color and extend the life of your flooring.

How Long Does It Take to Clean Tile and Grout?

On average, a kitchen-sized room can be back to full use within 24 hours after our St. Augustine tile and grout cleaners are finished. Cleaning and sealing a standard room takes a few hours and it takes some time for the sealant to set, but it is safe for light duty as soon as we’re done.

This assumes there is no serious damage to the grout or the subflooring. If we notice a bigger problem during our initial inspection or while cleaning, we will point it out and recommend possible fixes. Water damage under a tile floor can stay hidden for a long time and wreck a large patch of your subfloor.

Do You Offer Any Service Guarantees?

Yes! We have a 100% guarantee on our tile and grout cleaning service for one week after we’re finished. If you’re not satisfied with the work that our tile and grout cleaners in St. Augustine have done, please contact us immediately so that we can fix the problem.

People are so satisfied with our work that we’ve garnered several awards, like the 2020 Angie’s List Super Service Award, and the 2020 Jacksonville Magazine’s Best in Jax. We are also an IICRC Certified Firm, an industry certification given to cleaning and restoration companies.

Do You Offer Other Tile Services?

Yes, we do. Besides tile and grout cleaning, our company has the expertise to handle other jobs involving stone, like stone countertops, shower tiles, and natural stone surfaces. Like grout, these can all be damaged with improper cleaning. 

In addition to tile, we have an enormous range of interior and exterior specialized home services. To see the full list, click on the menu button and hover over Services. If you see other tasks your home needs, you could save money by combining them with your tile cleaning service.

Schedule Your St. Augustine Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

If you need tile and grout cleaning in St. Augustine, pickup the phone and call First Coast Home Pros for a free estimate. You can also use our online calculator to get an estimate, or schedule services online. We look forward to making your home more beautiful and more healthy.